The Association shall be known as the Kent County Volleyball Association


The aims of the Association are the furtherance of Volleyball in the Kent area and the organisation of competitions for the member clubs.


All member clubs shall be affiliated to Volleyball England.


a)  The Association will be administered by a committee made up of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary and such other officers as shall from time to time be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

b)  The officers of the committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

c)  The quorum of the committee will be four.

d)  The committee will meet at least twice in each year (including the Annual General Meeting) at dates and venues to be decided well in advance.

e)  Each member of the committee will have a single vote at committee meetings. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


a)  There will be an Annual General Meeting of the Association at which each member club shall be entitled to one vote per representative subject to a maximum of two votes per member club

b)  Committee members shall additionally be entitled to participate in their own right in general votes at Annual General Meeting

c)  All votes at Annual General Meetings shall be carried by a simple majority


Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by a request in writing to the Secretary signed by six member clubs of the Association. The provisions of para. 5 above, insofaras they relate to voting rights, shall apply equally to Extraordinary General Meetings


The following competitions shall (if possible) be organised annually:

a)  A local league comprising one or more divisions

b)  A knockout competition to run in conjunction with the local league

c)  Rules governing the organisation of such competitions shall be formulated and approved at the Annual General Meeting 


The constitution of the Association may be amended only by the Annual General Meeting or by an Extraordinary General Meeting by vote carried by at least a two-thirds majority


Notice Board

2018-19 Fixtures have been cascaded to team secretaries.  See Competitions tab for details.  In particular, see Fixtures/Results and 2018-19 Fixtures message sub-menus.

Finals Day line-up now available on the News tab.  Sunday 3rd June at Dartford Technology College.

Cup and Plate semi-final draw for 2017-18 season is now confirmed - please see KO Cups tab for details.

Minutes from the SEVA AGM held on 14th August have been added to the site - please see Minutes and Action Points tab.

Draft minutes from the AGM held on 20th July 2017 have been added to the site - please see Minutes and Action Points tab

Updated Rules have been added, following changes agreed at the AGM – please see Governance tab

Diary Dates:

  • AGM to be held at The Spitfire, King's Hill on Thursday 20th July from 20:00. Details have been sent to all club and team secretaries.

Cup Draw now showing on website - see KO Cups sub menu. Finals Day is confirmed for Sunday 21st May, from 11:00



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