KCVA Committee

KCVA Committee Contact Details

Chairman Jim Baker bakerhjames@hotmail.com
Secretary Ian Ruddock razors2011@virginmedia.com
Fixtures & Results Secretary Graham Goodwin grahambtgoodwin@hotmail.com
Development Officer Frank Wellings fkwellings@aol.com
Coaches Rep Frank Wellings fkwellings@aol.com
Website Rep Ian Ruddock  razors2011@virginmedia.com
Facebook Rep Andi Milligan  andrew@milligan13.wanadoo.co.uk
Treasurer Tim Bown  bown.tim@gmail.com
Referees Rep Michelle Green  shellegreen@aol.com
Ladies Rep Paula A'Bear  paula.abear@tiscali.co.uk



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Notice Board

Minutes from the SEVA AGM held on 14th August have been added to the site - please see Minutes and Action Points tab.

Draft minutes from the AGM held on 20th July 2017 have been added to the site - please see Minutes and Action Points tab

Updated Rules have been added, following changes agreed at the AGM – please see Governance tab

Diary Dates:

  • AGM to be held at The Spitfire, King's Hill on Thursday 20th July from 20:00. Details have been sent to all club and team secretaries.

Cup Draw now showing on website - see KO Cups sub menu. Finals Day is confirmed for Sunday 21st May, from 11:00

Diary Dates:

  • Cup competitions to be played during April 2017. Draw to be announced by 11th Feb. Finals Day provisionally Sunday 21st May.
  • SEVA Championships 13th and 14th May, 2017. More details when known.

Premier Division Phase 2 schedule now on the website - see Competitions tab for details and results as they come in.

Coaching survey launched. Please see news tab for details. Your club secretary will have access to the link.

Fixtures for 2016-17 have now been released. See Competitions tab, 2016-17 Fixtures Message sub-menu for details.


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