Life Members

Name Year Inducted
Mr Geoff Boyle 2005
Mrs Margaret Bradley 1985
Mr Bailey Browning 1995
Mrs Loris Browning 1999
Mr Stephen Butler 1996
Mr Ian Clutton 2002
Mr Roy Davies 1986
Mrs Robin Doyle (Shrestcha) 1984
Mr Terry Gormley 1994
Mr George Harper 1982
Mr Allan Harwood 1983
Mr Stan Hodson 1978
Mr Christopher King 2002
Mr Allan Lassey 1991
Mr Anthony Longano 1982
Mr Neil McDermid 1987
Mr Mel McGovern 1992
Mr Ian Platt 1975
Mr Matt Schepers 2005
Mrs Rhonda Schepers 1985
Ms Trish Shanahan 1983
Mr Jim Shepherd 1985
Mr Roland Sowerby 1988
Mr Phillip Tresize 1996
Mr William Trew 1995
Mr Greg Warren 1994
Mr David Weatherall 1979
Mr David Wilkinson 1972
Mr Ted Ellinghous 1981
Mr Michael Roche 1984
Mr Arthur Curtain 1986
Mr Dennis Curnow 1986
Mr Craig Riley 1980
Mr Peter Kaladis 1976
Mr James Anderson 1987 (dec.)
Ms Jan Hente 1973 (dec.)
Mr Michael John 1972 (dec.)
Mr Barry Moore 1978 (dec.)
Mr Ronald Priest 1995 (dec.)
Ms Leslie Rowe 1981 (dec.)
Mr John Webb 1984 (dec.)

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BASL School Holiday Program is back! 

It's back... BASL's School Holiday Program is back this April School Holiday's!

And, what's even more exciting, is the program will be run by B-Licence coach, Louise McColl!

Get in quick so your child doesn't miss out; limited places available.



BASL and MC join forces 

BASL are super proud to be bringing Melbourne City's 'Coach the Coach' workshop to Bendigo!
Monday 4 September
Get a bonus MC membership!
Click here for more details




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