I am a GIRL

I Am A Girl I Can Do Anything

Welcome to the exciting NEW term 4 Girls only program on Wednesday afternoons at the Whitlam Centre.


This program is for girls from 11-16 years of age in learning new skills having some fun and making new friends and we are delighted to announce these ground breaking groups.

For Girls 10 Years and Under we do have the popular Aussie Hoops program and for bookings visit www.aussiehoops.com.au.

This is class that not only allows the girls to improve their skills but also learn some new ones as well and these include Refereeing, coaching and score bench skills where in time they can earn some extra pocket money as well.

Mums, Aunties, grandma are also welcome to participate in learning the game as Basketball is a family game.

More more information please call Scott on 0435 026 992 or email myspartans@optusnet.com.au

$100 Active Kids Voucher

2019 Summer Holiday Clinic

2019 Summer Shooting Clinic

Sparta Ball for 3-4 Year olds

Notice Board

Active Kids program opens redeem $100 voucher. www.service.nsw.gov.au to register your account

All Junior Players (5-17) Call  0296017951 NOW to enter or join a team


January 24 2019 Summer Holiday Clinic

January 25 2019 Summer Shootout Clinic

February 5 2019 Start of junior development

February 12 2019 Unisex season commences

February 18 2019 New season junior competitions