Monday Under 13 and Under 17


All kids will be eligible for a one off $100 voucher to use towards your registration and playing fees. The active Kids program can be redeemed once a year at the following website.

The playing costs are below and then follow the simple instructions below to register a team. If your child has friends playing and wishes to be in the same team then just register as a team for them all.

Player registration cost's for 12 months.


12-17 years of age= $95

11 years and under= $85

Uniforms (compulsory)= $45 reversible singlet

Game fees 12 weeks= $120 per person

Game by game= $14 per game per person

Does your child have a valid $100 Active kids voucher?

If YES then you can use this towards game fees.

If NO then visit and setup an account and register online to redeem your voucher.

Using the 2018 PLAYER REGISTRATION on our site simply register the player online and we will allocate a team.

For players who wish to play with friends then use the 2018 WINTER TEAM NOMINATION link and register a team and invite their friends online to join. If they do not have enough for a full team of about 8 kids we can find players to make the team complete.


The game fees are then paid directyl to Liverpool Basketball Association and the voucher can be used towards those fees rather than registration to gain best value for money.

$100 Active Kids Voucher

2019 Representative Registration

Notice Board

Active Kids program opens redeem $100 voucher. to register your account

All Junior Players (5-17) Call  0296017951 NOW to enter or join a team




11 October 2018  AGM