Monday Night Mens Competition

As of January 1 2018 Basketball moves to a national registration system and players will need to register themselves online.

There will be a number of system enhancements which will be of benefit to all players and associations and these are being rolled out gradually.

Prices will rise slightly to cover for this new system on February 1, 2018

 2018 Winter Competition


August 13 

Court 1

6.50pm Ohana V Mounties Pythons Duty Zim Kings

7.40 Spartans 18s V White Eagles Duty Big Fat Snakes

8.30 Dreamerz  V Big Fat Snakes Duty White Eagles

Goon Squad V Bye  Division 1

Court 2

6.50 BBB V Last Minute  Duty Custom Cuts Royals

7.40 Custom Cuts Royals V  Redbacks Duty BBB

8.30 Phenoms V Khrome Duty Redbacks

9.20 True Squad V Shot Budgies    DUTY Narcos

Bye Premier League Clockwork

Court 3

6.50 Spartans 16s V Wed Ballers Duty Wolfpack

7.40 Wolfpack  V Zim Kings Duty Wed Ballers

8.30 Pacers    V Narcos Duty True Squad

Division 2/3 BYE JCC


Notice Board

Active Kids program opens redeem $100 voucher. to register your account

All Junior Players (5-17) Call  0296017951 NOW to enter or join a team

7 August 2018 Mixed competition starts/.

8 August 2018 2019 Under 12's and 14's rep ready Program starts

 9 August 2018 2019 Under 16's and 14's REP READY program starts.

 16 August 2018 New Season Super 9's and Super 11's Start (BOOKINGS OPEN, SPACESS LIMITED)

29 August 2018 Wednesday Mens 3 x 3 Nominations now open