Policies, Rules & Documents

BPBA By-Laws (Updated Sept 2017)

BPBA Inc Constitution (Adopted March 2017)

FIBA Rules 2014

FIBA Official Interpretations 2014

Interpretations and clarifications of FIBA Rules 2014.

BPBA's Social Mixed Competition Rules

Details of rule modifications relevant to BPBA"s Social Mixed competition.

BV Codes of Conduct

The Codes of Conduct list the expected behaviour in basketball by administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators.

BVC Social Media Code of Conduct

Comments, notes and photos posted on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and on-line forums are usually constructive and positive. But negative comments and images, bullying, criticism and sexist remarks can be dangerous and harmful to people’s well being and reputation and the image of the sport.

Click on the PDF below to view the entire content of the BV Social Media Policy.

BV Member Protection By-Laws

These by-laws set the obligations for screening persons who work with children and deal with discrimination, harassment and vilification on grounds of gender, race and so on.

BV Particpants' Protection By-Laws

These By-laws contain various requirements with respect to pregnancy, first aid equipment and heat policy designed to protect participants.

BV Tribunal By-Laws

These by-laws establish the Tribunal to deal with misbehaviour in basketball.

BV Privacy Policy

Basketball Victoria’s privacy policy explains how private information is collected and used.

BV Photography Policy

This policy sets out the conditions under which photographs and video can be taken at basketball games and venues.

BV Conditions of Entry

This document is to inform entrants at all BV basketball venues about behavioural standards and requirements.

BV Climate Policy

All persons involved in the organisation of games must be aware of the effect that extremes of weather can have on person playing or attending basketball and put in place adequate contingencies for the minimising of risk to persons, particularly when high temperatures are expected.

BA Concussion Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to outline the issues for athletes, coaches, team managers and others responding to athletes who have received a head injury.

Reports and Complaints in Basketball

Basketball Victoria's guide on the process regarding complaints and reports.

BPBA Incident Report Form

Form for reporting incidents, concerns or issues pertaining to competitions and programs administered by BPBA Inc.

Player Registration Summer 17/18

Storm Player Registration & Uniform Fees