Junior Domestic

Winter 2018

Registrations are now open for our Winter 2018 competition.  To enter please download and fill out the attached form.  Please return to the office by March 16th 2018.  

If you have a child that would like to play basketball but does not have a team, please contact the office on 5253 3377 or admin@bpba.org.au

Team Registration Form

Competition selection:

Age/Division                Time                  Venue                           Eligible players born


  Under 10 Girls          from 4.00pm       Drys / O-Grove             2009 to 2011

  Under 12 Girls          from 4.00pm       Drys / O-Grove             2007 or 2008

  Under 14 Girls          from 4.00pm       Drys / O-Grove             2005 or 2006

  Under 16 Girls         from 5:00pm       Drys/O-Grove                2003 to 2002

  Young Women         from 6.00pm       Drys / O-Grove              2001 to 2004

  Opal League            from 6:40pm       Drysdale                       2001 to 2004


  Under 18 Boys         from 5.00pm       Drysdale                       2001 or 2002

  Under 20 Boys         from 5.00pm       Drysdale                       1999 or 2000


  Under 10 Boys         from 4.00pm       Drys/OG                       2009, 2010, 2011

  Under 12 Boys         from 4.00pm       Drys/OG/STIG/CC          2007 or 2008


  Under 14 Boys         from 4.00pm       Drys/STIG/CC                2005 or 2006

  Under 16 Boys         from 6.00pm       Drys/STIG/CC                2003 or 2004

Saturday  9:30am    Drysdale

If you child is new to basketball we offer Slam Jam which is a great stepping stone for new players.  Basketball is taught in a fun environment with 15 mins of skills followed by a 30 min game.  Please contact Tim Sanderson development@bpba.org.au if you are interested