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Refereeing basketball is a great way to meet new people and stay fit while earning some tax free cash! 

How do I become a referee at Altona?

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I am already a graded official.  How do I go about refereeing at Altona?

We are always looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated graded officials to referee here at Altona.  If you have already completed the Learners’ Course and are currently a graded official, you can email info@vbraaltona.com.au or speak to a supervisor on the night, we would love to have you on board!

Are there different levels of referees?

Once you have successfully completed the Orientation Level course, you are assessed and graded by your Referee Advisor to Level 1C and are qualified to officiate domestic competition.

Within six to twelve months of gaining your Level 1C grading, you are assessed by your Referee Advisor who may upgrade you to Level 1B when you are comfortable and confident with the whistle!

To become a Level 1A referee, you must undertake a course conducted by your Referee Advisor. This course may take up to six weeks (6 x 2 hours) to complete. Upon completion of an A grade course, you are likely to be refereeing at the highest level competition at your association! 

Once you become Level 1A grade official, you may be nominated by your Referee Advisor to officiate on the Victorian Junior Panel where you will be refereeing the best junior basketballers in the State in the Victoria Junior Championship.

You will receive regular evaluations on your performance and helpful tips from the most senior educators in Victoria. 

You will gain great experience refereeing on the Victorian Junior Panel and it is from here that referees may be nominated to participate in the State Referees Development Program, or be selected to represent Victoria at Junior Australian and Club Championships.

After completing a year on the Junior Panel, referees are invited to undertake the Level 2 referees course and possibly be invited to referee for the Big V.

To reach this level is a great achievement and it is possible you may be identified by Basketball Australia to participate in the National Referees Development Program.

The next step is to progress to Level 3 and 4 and, based on performance, gain selection onto the National Panel.  At the National Panel level, you will be officiating top Australian basketball including the Australian Basketball Association (ABA), Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) and National Basketball League (NBL) games.

Referees who officiate on the National Panel are very good officials and must handle the pressures of top Australian basketball.

Referees who have their International Basketball Federation (FIBA) license, which is the highest obtainable level, may officiate at World Championships and Olympic games. 

Who governs basketball referees?

The Victorian Basketball Referees Association (VBRA) work in conjunction with Basketball Victoria to oversee the progress of officials in Victoria.

Who are the Victorian Basketball Referees Association?

All referees much be registered with the VBRA, through their local association, to ensure they can access entitlements associated with Basketball Victoria affiliation. The VBRA’s two main responsibilities are to:  

Represent the interests of all Members within the state of Victoria and at a national level 

Provide members with the opportunity to maximise their potential by officiating in the highest level of basketball possible, given their own ability.

In addition to officiating, you can become a Referee Coach or work the Scoretable. Referee Coaches courses are conducted for referees who want to be involved in teaching and assessing referees performances on games. There are three levels for evaluators to reach and you can progress as a Referee Evaluator just the same as referees – right up to the NBL! 

Who do I contact for more information?

Basketball is a great sport and whether you are a referee, player, coach or spectator, there is something in the game for you! Being involved in basketball officiating also brings the added incentive of being financially rewarded for your time and commitment! Refereeing is challenging but at whichever level you participate, you will find it rewarding! 

For further information please email VBRA Altona info@vbraaltona.com.au or speak to a Referee Supervisor on the night.

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