Life Members

Neil Shepheard

The Godfather of the Altona Bay Basketball Association Neil has been around since the very beginning way back in 1971 when the Yarraville Club was formed. He saw his dream of a local stadium come true in 1992 and served on the Altona Sports Centre board for 6 years.

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Peter Shepheard

From being a scorer for his Father's team back in the days of Yarraville Vultures to his current role as President of the Association Peter has had many roles during his time with the Association including player,scoretable official, committee member and member of the Altona Sports Centre Board of Directors. more -->

Jim Grouis

Jim also comes to the Association via its orginating Yarraville Vultures BC. As well as being a player and a coach Jim was a driving force force behind the Mens Senior Championship team during its time in the Victorian State Championships.
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Faye and Mario Piovesan

Faye & Mario joined the Association not long after the stadium opened in 1992.
Both served on the Executive committee as well as being solid supporters of the Mens Senior Championship team with Mario acting as Team Mgr for several years and Faye as doorkeeper at home games.
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Mick Downie

Mick has been involed with the Association since before it began having been a player for the Yarraville Vultures Basketball Club from where the Association was born. more -->

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