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Being an Umpire

Umpiring the game of Australian Football is a challenging and rewarding experience and a great way to stay in touch with the game. There are three umpiring duties on game day:

Central Umpires: There can be either one or two central umpires who are generals on game day. They enforce the rules of the game and ensure that the game is played in the correct spirit. To be a central umpire you need to be extrememly fit to ensure you are able to get into the correct position to view every contest and make the correct decision. It is a great way to keep fit and learn a new sport, with many of the best umpires having backgrounds in athletics and endurance sports.

Boundary Umpire: Boundary umpires patrol the sidelines during a game. Should the ball go ‘out of bounds’, the umpire will throw the ball back into play allowing both teams an equal chance to win the next possession. To be a boundary umpire you also need to be very fit as the ground is up to 160 meters long and the ball can move very quickly.

Goal Umpire: The Goal umpire is responsible indicating weather a shot on goal is actually a goal, a behind, or weather it is even a score at all. The goal umpire is famous for wearing the white jacket and waving the two flags which are used to indicate to the other goal umpire at the other end of the field that there has been an official score.