Benefits of Touch Football


Touch Football is a sport which anyone and everyone can play, no matter age, gender, experience or ability. Touch Football also caters for persons who may suffer from a disability or some form of impairment. The inclusive nature of Touch Football ensures there is a place on the field for everyone, all you need to do is contact your local Competitions Coordinator and let them know your capabilities and experience and they'll be sure to help you maximise your Touch Football Experience.

For further information on playing Touch Football if you have disability or impairment, please refer to the A Game for Everyone tab on the Touch Football Australia website or contact your relevant State Office or local affiliate.

Social Nature                                   

Playing with friends, family, even total strangers is a significant part of Touch Football. The sport creates a social environment which few sports can rival. Men and women can play together in the same side, just as parents can play with their children. The Touch Football family spreads far and wide, it only takes a game or two to realise how special the sport is and how welcoming and considerate its people are of one another.

Family Orientated

Touch Football is a sport which for generations has involved families at all stages in life. It provides the opportunity for everyone in the family to be involved and even play together in weekly competitions. Mums and Dads can play with their sons and daughters, with even grandparents and grandchildren running around together in park competitions across the country.

Health and Fitness

Touch Football has a number of inherent mental and physical benefits, which can improve the longevity of a person's life. Touch Footballers are constantly on the move, walking, running, jumping, stepping and everything in between. The fast paced nature of the sport ensures participants are always getting a workout no matter what they are doing.

Time Efficient

A game of Touch Football is over in just 45 minutes. A standard game is split into two 20 minute periods with a five minute half-time break. Given the social nature of the sport, players tend to arrive at their local field anywhere from 30 minutes to one minute before their game is set to commence.

With no formal training expectations, Touch Football is the perfect sport for the person who is time poor but keen to keep active, in the most social environment possible. Participants are able to arrive, play and leave their local field in under an hour.

Take a look at the flyer attached below for more information on playing this great game.

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