What is Touch Football?

Touch Football The Sport

Touch Football, often referred to as `Touch or `Touch Footy, is a sport that can be played anywhere at any time. The sports governing body in the country is Touch Football Australia, as recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.

Touch Football Australia operates using an affiliated network nationwide; ensuring participants in affiliated competitions are covered by the sports National Insurance Scheme, whilst experiencing quality fields, organised draws and dedicated volunteers, effectively the Touch Football experience.


Touch Football The Game                                                        

The overall aim in a game of Touch Football is for your team to score more touchdowns than your opponents. This is achieved by placing the ball in your opponents `Touchdown Zone.

Played on a rectangular field 70 metres long by 50 metres wide, a game of Touch Football is played over 45 minutes, divided into two 20 minute periods with a five minute halftime break.

Teams can be made up of up to 14 players with a maximum of six players on the field at any one time; however some competitions do allow 7, so be sure to check before starting. Teams must move the ball down the field toward their `touchdown zone, without passing the ball forward, dropping the ball on the ground or kicking it. Each team has six `touches before they need to handover the ball to their opponents.

When touched an attacker must stop and `roll the ball, unless it is the sixth touch. Defenders are required to be back a minimum of five metres when an attacker rolls the ball or risk being called `offside by the referee. Any infringements will result in either a resent of the count or a turnover.

For a complete version of the Rules of the Game, head over to the `Rules and Policies at the TFA website to see more.


A full demonstration video of the game can be seen below:








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