W&DJFL Chronical


Inaugural meeting to found the competition. Four Teams Warranor, St Josephs, The Dusties and The Rovers. The competition was loosely run with no formal meetings. It was managed over the phone and Street Cnr meetings. Br Graham represented St Josephs, Mr D Steele the Rovers.
The Premiers were St Josephs


March 1st League General Meeting held. In Attendance were Mr D Steele, Mr A Hurley, Brother Graham, Mr J Higgs, Mr G Foster, Mr A Valena, Mr F Harper, and Mr S Pepperill. Mr D Steele elected as Inaugural President supported by Mr F Harper as Vice-President and Brother Graham as Secretary/Treasurer. The League was to be formally known as the Under 13 Saturday morning League. Affiliated teams were St Josephs, Warranor, Rovers, Dusties, and Drouin. In May Nilma Colts were officially elected to the membership. 3 Clubs expressed a desire to make the competition an U/14 comp. to standardise with the Traralgon District
Best and Fairest Leon Rice from Drouin Club


Was agreed that a panel of umpires was needed to provide a uniform standard.
Umpires should be paid
Noojee and Neerim Sth admitted into the League
Best and Fairest Leon Rice from Drouin Club
Age group changed to Under 14’s


Mr D Steele elected for 3rd term as President
Tech Rovers and St Josephs B’s accepted into the League
1st Interleague game contested against Traralgon at Warragul. Traralgon defeated Warragul 4.4.28 to 4.3.27
Moved M Steel sec F Harper that St Josephs be paid 4 Dollars for the football
Best and Fairest Peter Knights from Drouin Club


Mr J Higgs elected as President.
Mr A Stainer nominated as Interleague coach, against Traralgon
Approach from Noble Pk JFL requesting an Interleague match. Request denied due to timing issue
Penalties introduced for late lodgement of Paperwork
Umpires for Finals Mr Ray, Mr Oliver and Mr Collery


V.R.I. Club admitted into league
Mr Florrinell elected as President
League constitution first formed. Each club given 2 minutes to talk on each topic raised
Moved that the League have two Vice-Presidents- carried
Moved that all matches begin on Sunday at 2.00pm- Carried
Financial reports a credit of 55 cents


Warranor Mr Foster moved to introduce ‘zoning’, as a means of providing even teams. Defeated 6/4
Club fees raised to 2 Dollars to cover costs for scorecards
Moved Mr Backman that the League move to have their own umpires panel at 2 Dollars payment per match- Carried
Bro Bonaventure announced St Josephs Marist Bros would not be entering a team this year
Affiliated clubs for 1969 VRI, Industrials, Warranor, and Neerim Sth
Birth Certificates required for all players
Special general Meeting at VRI Hall called to introduce ‘zoning’ limits. Clubs have 3 mile radius around them. All players living in their club zone must play with that club – Carried
Moved that subject to trophy Donors approval, the U14 Trophy be presented to St Josephs after wining 5 Premierships in 6 years as they will no longer be fielding teams in the junior league. Carried
Warragul Wanderers admitted into the League and zoned a 3 mile limit for player ownership
Bank Account opened with the Commonwealth Bank to assist in payment and recording of umpire payments
Finals held at the Showgrounds
W. West, Coach of VRI reported for abusive language to the goal umpire


U/12 Competition commenced
Warragul Gazette shield presented to Brother Bonaventure on behalf of St Josephs Marist College
West Gippsland umpires panel apply at 2$ per game to umpire junior league games
Motion carried that Drouin Boys attending Marist College be allowed to play with Drouin
Special application that Mark Wridgway is allowed to play with Drouin as his father is coach – carried
U/12 teams capped at 26 players per team
Warranor Admits 2nd U/12’s team called the Warranor Tigers
All Clubs summoned to have a siren or bell
Warragul Junior Football club signal intent to go to U/16’s next year


A Nott elected President
Yarragon & Ellinbank declined an invitation to affiliate with the League


Bank Balance @ $53.09


Newborough decline Invitation to join the League
Grand Final @ Marist No 1 Oval


Secretary given $10 cash for expenses
Committee set up to investigate a future lightening Premiership to the start the season
Warragul Junior Football Club affiliate 2 Under 12 teams called the Warragul Magpies (Black & White Stripes) and the Warragul Lions (Blue Jumper with white cuffs and collars) and an Under 14 team called the Warragul Blues. The Home ground for the club to be Marist Bro’s No 1 Oval
$20 Donated to Marist Bros for use of their grounds


Warragul Gulls Junior Football club admitted into W&DJFL. An U/12’s and U/14’s team will wear a black jumper with a red yoke. Geoff Smart and Garry Cole are the Club delegates
Neerim Wolves request to play 3 games at Noojee
1st Publicity officer appointed in Garry Cole
Finals admission charges initiated for the first time. 0.50 cents for adults and 0.20 cents for children
President A Glen. Secretary I Lowry. Senior Vice president A Nott. Junior Vice President R Mathieson. Treasurer J Haylor
Neerim Wolves to play 3 home games at Noojee


President called for a minutes silence at delegates meeting for the late Jack Hodge
Longwarry and Yarragon invited to join the League. No response from these clubs


Junior Football council seeks representation from W&DJFL to sit on proposed new Gippsland West Junior Football Zone Council. R Thomas accepts position
1st Interleague Jumpers purchased. Donation from Hawthorn Football club


1st Lightening Premiership programmed at Neerim Sth
Interleague Coaches v Traralgon -U/10’s Frank Ahern. U/12’s John Robbins U/14’sVin Byrne
Interchange players introduced in Lieu of Substitutes


Affiliation Fees set at $80.00 per team
Letter to Hawthorn Football club re financial distributions back to Junior Leagues. High number of players recruited to their club with little assistance in return to support junior football
Finals Entry fees re-set to $1.00 per car


Trafalgar Junior Football Club U/14 team admitted into league
Inaugural Annual delegates dinner held in Warragul @ $6.oo per head
90 in attendance including Hawthorn F.C, Umpires panel and sponsors


Recommendation that W&DJFL initiates its own umpire’s panel. Motion passed to continue with the W.G.U.P
Buln Buln U/14’s team admitted into League
Yarragon U/12’s team admitted into League
Warranor Juniors change colours to Yellow with a black collar and Black W on the front
Buln Buln offered a sheep for Grand final day raffle. Made $ 170
Clubs affiliated for 1982 Colts, Warranor, Blues, Buln Buln, Yarragon, Neerim Wolves, Gulls, Drouin and Trafalgar


Age groups Altered to U/15’s U/13’s and U/11’s. Motion carried 10-5
Trafalgar withdraw from W&DJFL
Bunyip U/13’s team admitted into League


Hallora admitted into W&DJFL to wear Green and Gold
Ellinbank admitted into W&DJFL to wear Blue with Gold v


Bob Southgate and Frank Ahern made life members of the W&DJFL
The VCFL propose even age groups U/10’s U/12’s 14’s and 16’s
Ellinbank move motion to change age groups to U/10’s U/12’s 14’s and 16’s. No support for motion
Grand Final cancelled due to condition of Western Park oval. Re-scheduled to Yarragon
Frank Ahern Special mention for Coaching the U/10’s interleague team for the 8th straight Year


Gippsland umpires association formed. Clem Pitt named Vice-President
W&DJFL became an Incorporated entity             
Norm Dorling bestowed Life membership to W&DJFL
W&DJFL formally complain to VCFL in regards to lack of interest support and funding from Warragul football club for junior football in the region
Strong push for league to become a Sunday league
Yarragon proposes to alter age groups into even numbers in 1986.
Received funding for junior development from the Warragul Senior Football club of $1,600


Nilma-Darnum Football club and Gulls junior Football club merge to be known as Nilma- Darnum bombers. U/15’s to play at Nilma and juniors to play at Logan park
Formation of W&DJFL Umpires Panel. 19 registered Umpires to receive payment of $15 per game
Drouin Juniors affiliate with Senior Drouin F.C
Ellinbank disband U/15’s team for the year
Yarragon to field an U/11’s team for the first time


Team affiliation fees increased by $ 5.00 to $ 80.00 per season
U/12 Competition can only field 15 players per side


Motion moved by Hallora and carried 12-7 to Alter age Groups for season 1988 to U/12’s and U/14’s. Yarragon resigned due to this and will seek affiliation with the Mid Gippsland League
League purchases a P.O Box
Neerim Sth move to alter eligibility to 1st July for U/14’s. Motion carried 12-4
Umpires Advisor Alan Webb


Drouin Field 2nd U/12 Team
Interleague game v Traralgon cancelled due to wet conditions
Coaches night held at Warragul Club. Alan Jeans as guest speaker


Nyora U/14’s team admitted into W&DJFL
Tony Flack and Neil Robertson named as W&DJFL representatives on the Latrobe Valley Junior Football league.
Interleague game v Bass Valley. Queens Birthday W/End
Little League game chosen to represent Hawthorn v Melbourne. Coach Terry Hume from Blues
Latrobe Valley Junior Football league recommends that all junior coaches be level 1 accredited by 1993


Warragul Juniors questioned by LVFL why they cant field an U/14’s team in their competition. Warragul’s preferred position for their U/14’s is in the W&DJFL
Interleague game against Bass Valley held at Buln Buln


Mick Rooney voted President Elect
Colts move headquarters from Logan Park to their new home at Western Park


Longwarry U/14’s team admitted into W&DJFL
Catani U/12’s team admitted into W&DJFL. 12 Clubs now affiliated with the W&DJFL
Peter Henshall League Secretary
Longwarry move to change age group to U/15’s. Motion lapsed
Wet weather committee established consisting of League President & Secretary.
Affiliation Fees increased from $100 to $120 per team
Colts granted permission to move to Western Park as their home ground


Gippsland Umpires offer to supply umpires for 1994 and act as umpires co-ordinator. M Jungwirth is GUA representative
Affiliation confirmed with the VCFL


Neil Robertson League President
Secretary Trevor Forrest
Motion defeated 6-13 to change age groups to U/13’s and U/15’s
3GG Junior Footy show requires more input from clubs or will finish up program due to interest shown
Motion to allow overage players defeated
League assists Glenn Kimm with a $50 donation to assist him attending the disabled games


Discussion with Ellinbank League Execs in regards to direction of Junior football in this region


M Jungwirth retires as Umpires Co-ordinator
Nyora ground unavailable for Juniors. Will play their games at Hallora in 97
Jason Walters named new Umpires Co-ordinator
League investigation against Bunyip player suspended for foul language and gesturing to the umpire
President reported increase in volatile incidents involving club officials.
EDFL officials P Gallasch & J Trainor attend League general meeting to inform Senior EDFL clubs push to field 4ths & 5th’s next year, EDFL exec proposed year 2000. Proposal to establish a working party to review the structure of junior football with no intent to take over the W&DJFL. Blues Hallora Colts and Drouin not comfortable with EDFL proposal
Neerim move to alter age group to U/15’s and U/13’s. Defeated 18-4
Sub-committee formed M Hamilton H Blackwood R Habgood Jeanette Wright to represent league in discussions with EDFL


Nick Byrnes league President
Warranor lodge formal complaint expressing serious concerns about general attitudes towards their club in particular sledging and poaching.

U/12’s Best & Fairest Dale Thomas Hallora. R/Up Adam Cook Hallora
U/14’s Best & Fairest Aaron Rhodes R/Up Lee Hawke Buln
Meeting with EDFL- Some Senior Clubs have 4th’s and 5th’s and want closer links with their Juniors.
Longwarry move to change age groups to U/13’s & U/15’s. Defeated 12-6


EDFL meet with VCFL &W&DJFL to discuss and advise of intent to run 4ths and 5th’s in 2000. VCFL do not support this proposal due to depletion of W&DJFL competition, but claim their hands are tied. EDFL state they will start with 12 member clubs bar Poowong. Motion moved & carried at W&DJFL delegates meeting to refuse all club clearance from this league on grounds that this has disrupted a viable and flourishing competition
Warranor to play home games at Ellinbank & train at St Pauls
Jason Walters re-appointed as Umpires advisor
Viability of League in Jeopardy as EDFL gains momentum to commence junior competition.
EDFL schedule meeting for all clubs to vote on joining their competition Hallora to probably fold.
Peter Nicolson main sponsor for the year
Jeanette Wright bestowed Life Membership


Mick Hamilton elected new President
Five clubs comprise the W&DJFL. Blues, Warranor, Colts, Hallora, and Drouin
Sponsorship of $100 donated to Drouin’s building fund- “Buy a Brick”
Concerns that once U/14 ½’players finish in our system will have no-where to go


Approach to League from Warragul F.C to assist them in starting an U/15’s team. Not supported by club delegates
3 Way tie in U/14 ½ s B & F. Brendan Winter (Blues) Joel Backman (Drouin Hawks), J Irwin (Drouin Rovers)


1st Night games introduced as season openers
Terry Hume bestowed life membership of W&DJFL
Debate on altering U/14 ½ s back to U/14’s


Dusties commence affiliating their own teams, advising Colts that their ground Western Park will no longer be available to them
Garfield admitted into the W&DJFL
Drouin to field 2 teams in each age group
Inaugural U/10 Lightening premiership held at Hallora
John Beedell bestowed life membership of W&DJFL
U/14 ½ s quarters increased to 15 minutes playing time


Yarragon admitted into the W&DJFL
Drouin change team names from Rovers and Hawks to Maroon and Gold
Radfords Meats named as Major sponsor
Damian Hogan resigns as President. Peter Barwick elected into caretaker role


Anthony Hibbs elected as President
Junior umpire program implemented known as ‘Green Shirt’
Sub committee formed to evaluate the feasibility of a permanent U/10’s competition
Hallora complete new social rooms and kitchen


Official W&DJFL Umpires Uniform designed and implemented
Official commencement of U/10 full season competition. Wearing of helmets compulsory
Kids First Program introduced into League
Perpetual League B&F Trophy’s to be named in the honour of Frank Ahern U/12’s and Jeanette Wright U/14 ½ s
Inaugural Eastern Region junior Football carnival commenced. Held at Traralgon involving six Leagues


Most grounds age in poor condition due to drought. Late start to season, games on week nights, double headers and ground sharing all discussed.
Grand final Winners Colts U/14 ½ s and Garfield U/12’s


John Black appointed as League investigations officer
Garfield enters an additional team in each age bracket. Teams now called Garfield Green and Garfield Gold
League scraps entry fees for Lightening Premiership. Clubs to cover costs via Levy


Mandatory for all clubs to formulate their own Code of Conduct guidelines and submit to League on an annual basis
Blues in discussion with Marist Sion regarding a new Pavilion.
WDJFL were back to back champions in the U14’s. Eastern Region Carnival
The WDJFL was also privy to winning the Code of Conduct in the U14’s.
Eddie Morris from Garfield was best on ground as voted by the umpires in the U14 Grand Final.
WDJFL Code of Conduct was won by Warranor in both the Under 12 and Under 14½ age groups.
Peter Barwick bestowed Life membership of the League


Liam Anderson Drouin wins the best player of the under 12 Eastern Region carnival
Discussion around celebration of 50 years Anniversary for the League in 2012.
Jason Walters bestowed Life membership of the League


 Anthony Hibbs bestowed Life membership of the League



 Formation of AFL Gippsland commission


W&DJFL Notice Board

General Meeting

Our next meeting will be Monday 6th August, 7.30pm at the Downtowner


Which W&DJFL Club did Bulldogs Captain Bobby Murphy play with