League History

History of the Mininera & District Football League

1875   First record of a match in the area. Streatham v Lake Bolac at Streatham.  

            Hosts win by 2 goals

1910   Willaura and District Football Association formed. Comprising Willaura, Lake

            Bolac seniors, Glenthompson, Wickliffe,  Lake Bolac Imperials,        Stavely and Kiora.

            Competition continued until first world war.

            After the war, Hopkins River Association and Caramut & District      Association formed

1922   Streatham and District Football Association formed

            Competing teams Mininera, Streatham, Westmere and Carranballac

1924   Tatyoon joins competition

1925   Lake Bolac admitted. Mininera and Westmere merge to form M&W Rovers

1928   Name of competition changed to Mininera and District Football Association

1930   Lake Bolac transfer to Hamilton & District Association.

1935   Wickliffe enter competition

1940 to 1944 Competition in recess

1945   Competition resumes. Clubs are Lake Bolac, Streatham, Tatyoon, Carranballac, and M&W Rovers.

1947   Glenthompson and Willaura admitted.

1950   Wickliffe returns to the competition

1954   Streatham merge with M&W Rovers to form SM&W Rovers.

            Competition changes name to Mininera & District Football League

            Dunkeld and Woorndoo join.

1956   Woorndoo transfer to Mt Noorat Football League.

1960   Under 16 competition begins

1962   Murdoch Templeton elected League Secretary

            A position he was to hold until 1995

1963   Carranballac withdraw from competition

1965   Caramut join League

1967   Under age comp changed to under 17

1970   Penshurst and Hawkesdale admitted

            Under 13 competition starts

1974   MDFL transfers from the Ballarat region to Western Region

1978   Under 13 comp ends

1979   Reserves competition begins

            Under age comp changed to under 15

1980   Two Umpires introduced for senior finals

1986   Wickliffe and Lake Bolac merge to form Wickliffe Lake Bolac

1987   Woorndoo re admitted to MDFL

            Under age comp changed to Under 16

1990   Woorndoo in recess

1997   Hawkesdale merge with Macarthur to form Hawkesdale Macarthur Eagles

1998   Final five introduced

1999   Lismore Derrinallum join, Willaura in recess

2000   Willaura merge with Moyston to form Moyston Willaura Pumas

            Ararat United admitted, competition now 12 teams

2001   Woorndoo changes name to Woorndoo Mortlake

2002   Dunkeld withdraw from competition

2004   Ararat United disband preseason

            Glenthompson and Dunkeld merge to form Glenthompson Dunkeld Rams