Interchange Agreement

Interchange agreement between HDFL & WFL

Any junior player who is registered with a Horsham District Football League club and wishes to play football

for the Wimmera Football League on an Interchange Agreement, must follow the process below.

Please note players only need to complete this form once annually for it to be current for the

entire season:

Step 1: Contact the General Manager of Western Vic Football Inc. for an Interchange Agreement

Form or print a form off from the Horsham District Football League website  

Step 2: Complete all sections of the form in the ‘Player’ section.

Step 3: The General Manager will complete the ‘League’ section of the form and keep on file for the entire season.

Step 4: Once the player has submitted the interchange for the General Manager, they must ensure their interchange club clearly marks ‘Area Permit’ on the team sheet next to their name each time they play

so that the league can record each match played on an interchange agreement.

Note – The league would remind all clubs that this process must be carried out prior to the player

taking the field and forms must be forwarded to the General Manager in the match day envelope.

Please Note:

-     The number of players permitted to interchange from any club in any week must not exceed 6 players.

-     The maximum number of games that can be played by any player under this agreement is 8

-     Clubs must ensure they inform their opposition that they will be playing interchange players

-     Clubs must clearly mark ‘Area Permit’ on the team sheet next to the name of the player in

      question, or included within the Permit player section of the SportingPulse team sheet.

-     Clubs found guilty of breaching this agreement shall be stripped of any premiership points and percentage

      gained and a $500 fine from each game consisting of a player who has breached this agreement

-     If there are any issues with the submission of an interchange form, the General Manager will

      contact the player/club in question

-     Western Vic Football Inc will keep a record of all players who play in each match on an

      interchange agreement.

-     Permit players are not eligible to play finals with any club other than the club he is registered


Contact Details:

Western Vic Football Inc                     -           Ph: 0427 842340            Fax: (03) 53810134

Stephen McQueen                              -