2012 Hampden FNL 3YB Scotty Stewart Team of the Year


GK:            Jessica O’Connor                      Terang Mortlake

GD:            Holly Greene                             Koroit

WD:            Leah Sinnott                              Camperdown 

C:               Rachel Rodger                          Camperdown

WA:            Jacqui Bowman                         Koroit

GA:            Kate Wilson                               Camperdown

GS:            Narelle Welsh                            Camperdown

Subs:         Tracey Baker                             Camperdown

                  Siobhan Sefton                          Warrnambool

                  Eliza Dwyer                              South Warrnambool

                  Emma O’Keeffe                         Warrnambool


Coach:                   Rachel Rodger              Camperdown

Team Manager:      Michael Moroney           Port Fairy

Umpire:                  Tanya Suggett

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