Rules of Football



1        Independent Tribunal

2        Rules Committee      

3        Affiliated Clubs        

4        Registrations 

5        Clearances and Appeals      

6        Eligibility for Home & Away Games  

7        Eligibility for Finals    

8        Playing Rules 

9        Fixtures & Admissions

10      Extra time in Finals

11      Ground Facilities      

12      Player Uniforms        

13      Coaches and Runners

14      Trainers, Medical Staff, Water-carriers     

15      Umpires

16      Interchange Stewards        

17      Timekeepers  

18      Footballs      

19      Playing Times

20      Team Lists    

21      Match Reports         

22      Ground Encroachment        

23      Disputes       

24      Barrackers and Supporters  

25      Practice Matches     

26      Investigation Officer 

27      Unbecoming Conduct     

28      Football Record       

39      Media 

30      Correspondence       

31      Best and Fairest Awards     


Where VCFL is represented in these rules, it is to be read as AFL VIC consistent with the change of structure of country football

These Rules are the primary rules for the GDFL competition but must be read in conjunction with

  • Laws of Australian Football
  • AFL Victoria (Country) (AFLVIC) Rules and Regulations as published in the VCFL Handbook each year or as amended by notification from the VCFL after the printing of the VCFL Handbook.

1   Independent Tribunal 

     (1)      The League Executive shall appoint an Independent Tribunal being the AFL Barwon Regional Tribunal. This Independent Tribunal will deal with players and officials reported in accordance with the Laws of the Game, Rules of the VCFL, South West Region of the VCFL and Geelong & District Football League. They may also sit in judgement on any dispute or matters at the direction of the League Executive within its jurisdiction. They are to meet when occasion demands and their decision is to be final and binding. All divisions affiliated with Geelong & District Football League will come under the jurisdiction of the League Executive Independent Tribunal.

      (2)    A Club advocate concerned shall accompany any player attending the Independent Tribunal. Advocates are not permitted to be a member of the Legal profession.

      (3)    Players or officials charged with an offence must attend the Independent Tribunal Meeting. If necessary the Meeting will be adjourned and the player or official penalised until attendance is confirmed. 

Hearings – Reported Players

      (4)    In normal circumstances the Geelong & District Football League Independent Tribunal will meet, when required, on Monday nights.

               In the event that more than one case is scheduled, they will be heard in the order determined by the League Secretary. Should there be more than 3 cases to be heard on the one night a second Tribunal may be convened at a time, date and venue organised by League Secretary. Any queries should be directed through the League Secretary.

Video Reviews

      (5)  (a)  Umpires will notify club officials that they are recommending a review of an incident during a period of the match when giving ‘all clear’. Clubs will be shown a copy of match report in which states the request for an incident review.

(b)  Likewise, umpires will provide notification of incident review request to the respective League on the match report.

(c)   Umpires will inform the GFUL liaison Manager of incidents requiring Video Review immediately following match.

(d) Clubs may make an official request to review specific incident/s of concern to the


(i)           Officiating umpires directly after the game, or


(ii)          The relevant Operations Managers by 12pm the following day

(e)   The AFL Barwon Operations Manager sets a review schedule and notifies the Review Panel members.

(f)  The nominated Review Panel representative will make recommendations of reportable incidents by 8pm the Monday following match to-

   i.    Umpires involved (if required
   ii.    (Umpire’s Advocate)
   iii.    Relevant Operations Manager

(g)   The nominated Review Panel Representative will complete paperwork on any new reports and submit to Michael Limb by 9am Tuesday morning.

(h)  Tribunal Co-ordinators will set Tribunal Schedule and notify Panel members as with normal Tribunal Procedures.

(i)  Relevant Operations Manager will notify club officials involved by 12pm the Tuesday following the match.

(j) Tribunal hearing to be held on the Wednesday night.

(k)  Results to be processed as with normal Tribunal Procedures.

(l)   Feedback on all referrals to be provided to affected clubs through the relevant Operations Manager.


     (6)   The GFUL panel as nominated to the Geelong and District Football League and any Geelong and District Executive member will have the power to report players if deemed necessary

     (7)    If requested, the Director of Umpiring of the GFUL may view specific incidents from the authorised match video of a match, and if deemed appropriate they may lodge a report based on this video evidence. The report must be received by the Geelong and District Football League within 48 hours of the completion of the game. Normal tribunal procedures will apply.

 Set Sanctions

(8)          A player report pad is to be placed in the umpire’s room at the beginning of the day and left there for the duration of the day’s games (including Junior games).

(9)          If a report is made, a copy of the report must be included in the match day paperwork envelope, regardless of whether a set sanction has been accepted or not.

(10)          Note the following variation to VCFL Rule 13.0.3

              If after the game the reporting umpire doesn’t indicate on the player report sheet that the offence warrants a tribunal hearing, the offending player can choose to accept the prescribed penalty by signing the player report sheet in the space provided. He can also delay this decision until 12.00pm the following morning at the latest.

              The reporting umpire, the offending player and the offended player’s club secretary all have until 12.00pm the day following the incident to inform the league that they wish the matter to be heard by a tribunal. If one party initially chooses the set sanction, they can change their decision within the time frame.

              Once one of the above parties indicates the matter should be heard at tribunal, the set sanction will not be an option. That decision can not be changed. If there is no indication on the form that the player wishes to accept the set sanction, the matter will be heard at tribunal.

              Notification must be made to the League Secretary or nominated representative.

 2    Rules Committee

      (1)    A Geelong & District Football League Rules Committee shall be formed at the first meeting of the Committee and Board of Directors meeting after the annual meeting of the League.

      (2)    The Rules Committee shall consist of the League President and Secretary and three other elected nominees.

      (3)    The Rules Committee will investigate required amendments to the rules and provide interpretations in the event of disputes over the rules.

 3    Affiliated Clubs

      (1)    All affiliated Clubs must hold their annual meeting within 60 days prior to the annual meeting of the League. Failure to comply with this shall incur a penalty of $100.00

      (2)    All Clubs must be represented when requested at all official league meetings (e.g. presidents, secretaries, managers, coaches etc.) and functions. Penalty incurred: $100.00

      (3)    Any club director (or deputy in their stead) failing to attend a meeting of the Committee and Board of Directors or special meeting called by the Executive or Board of Directors shall incur a fine of $100.00

      (4)    All affiliated clubs must field first side, reserves side and a junior team, unless an exemption or variance is granted by the Executive and/or board of directors

.4 4         (a) The League acknowledges that there are 12 twelve member football and netball clubs in the Geelong and District Football Lerague, namely Anakie, Bannockburn, Bell Post Hill, Belmont Lions, Corio, East Geelong, Geelong West Sporting Club, Inverleigh, North Geelong, Thomson, Werribee Centrals and Winchelsea who are present members of the League and currently affiliated, the League also acknowledges that if all 12 twelve member clubs apply for affiliation  for the 2017 year that affiliation will be granted to them and if any club that is not a present member of the League wish to apply to be a member of the League it shall not be accepted. Furthermore, any club that is not a present member of the League but wishes to play in a competition arranged or approved by the League can make application to do so and if the League is satisfied with such application, grant the applying club to particpate in a competition which has been arranged by the League. For avoidance of doubt any club that is not a present member, but plays in a competition arranged by the League shall not be entitled to share in any profits or assets which belong to the League.  



      (5)    Failure to fill an engagement:

               (a) A fine of up to $2,000 may be imposed on Clubs who withdraw a team from any obligatory competition section. All of that Club’s teams may be disqualified from the League’s competition for that season by resolution of the League Executive.

              (b) Any Club forfeiting a match in any section of the League during the season will be subject to a penalty fine of $500 and shall be liable for the cost of umpires scheduled for that match.

              (c)   In the event of a Club failing to field a team or part thereof within half an hour of the arranged starting time of a match, the opposing Club may claim the match. The League Executive shall investigate the circumstances and may allow the opposing Club one goal for percentage points plus match points.

 4    Registrations

      (1)    Every player must be a registered member of his club and be fully qualified and approved by his Club Committee.

      (2)    A player must be registered with Geelong & District Football League and the VCFL prior to the commencement of the first game he plays for the Club each year. The registration must be submitted on a current VCFL registration form. All such registrations shall incur a fee of $1 per registered player.

      (3)    Players must be registered VCFL Players and have been allocated a VCFL Player Registration Number

      (4)    A player disqualified for any term by the Independent Tribunal shall cease to be a registered member of his club, but will remain under the control of that club. After the expiration of his disqualification he shall be required to write to the Executive Committee asking for re-registration.

 5    Clearances and Appeals

      (1)      Clearances are conducted under the current VCFL Rules.

(2)      A Transfer/clearance must be completed in 6 clear business days

Transfer/clearances can only be refused by a club if the players is:

     -      Contracted and or/
-      Indebted to the club ($100.00 or more) and /or
-      In possession of club property(eg jumper) that needs to be returned and/or
-      Wishes to withdraw their transfer/clearance application.(must have supplied
        form signed by player)

Documented evidence would need to be provided for all the above reasons.

Player Contracts – at senior level there are new provisions about who and how many contracted players clubs can have. In summary

     -        player must be 18 to be signed on a contract.
-        To be valid both parties must have signed and neither shall be in breach of
-        One year contracts for as many players as club wishes
-        Maximum of 15 players on multi year contracts at club
-        No player with contract longer than three(3) years at any club

          (3)      The Geelong & District Football League Clearance Secretary will not endorse clearances over the telephone.

 6    Eligibility for Home & Away Games

      (1)    A player playing in a game with a senior team of his Club on a day preceding the days upon which lower sections of his Club play in a round of matches, shall be ineligible to play in those lower sections in that round.


      (2)     A Club playing an ineligible player will:

              (a) In the event of it winning the game forfeit all match and scored points and be subject to a fine to be set by the League Executive.
(b) In the event of it losing the game, forfeit all scored points and be subject to a fine to be set by the League Executive.

               The opposing Club shall be awarded the match points and retains its scored points.

 7    Eligibility for Finals

              Definition of playing: A player must be in attendance, in suitable attire to take the field and at a minimum be on the field in the club’s interchange area.

      (1)    A player must have played at least three games with his Club during the season to be eligible to play in finals.

      (2)    (a) A player who has played for a Club affiliated with the VFL senior teams to qualify for the finals for their respective League must have seven (3) games with their club.
(b) A player who has played for a Club affiliated with the VFL Under 18 TAC Cup to qualify for the finals for their respective League must play seven (7 games with their club. 
(c) A player who is playing on a day permit (refer AFL Vic. rule 2.0) must play a minimum of 3 games with their club.
(d) A player who is playing under area permit (Refer AFL Vic.Rule 2.10) must comply with all aspects of rule 8 of the Geelong & District Football League  to qualify for finals in their respective section.

      (3)    For the purpose of eligibility for finals, the higher-level game only will be applied to a player listed on the team sheet in two or more matches for his Club on the same weekend.

      (4)    A player who has played with the first senior team of his Club during the season is eligible to play with the reserve or Under 18s teams in finals provided he has played at least six games in the respective lower section during the first and second round games.

      (5)   A player who plays more than 50% of the seasons rounds with his club’s first senior team during the season, shall be ineligible to play in any lower section final, EXCEPT THAT, such player will be eligible to play in a reserve or Under 18s final if the first senior team is also competing in the same weekend.

      (6)    A player may only play in one game over a weekend of finals if his Club is competing in more than one section. “This includes divisions of the Geelong Junior Football League (cannot play in a Geelong Junior Football Under 16 or 14 final and Under 18s, Reserve or Senior final on the same weekend)

              (7)      A game played by a player during the season in the first or reserve team of a Club affiliated with the AFL, VFL or TAC Under 18 Competition shall count as though it is a first senior game played with his Club for the purposes of Rules (4) and (5) when assessing eligibility for finals in lower sections.

      (8)      A Club playing an ineligible player in a finals game will:

              (a) Forfeit the match in the event of it scoring more points than the opposing
(b) Be subject to a fine to be set by the League Executive.

 8    Playing Rules

      (1)    All games are to be played under the AFL Laws of The Game, AFL Vic. Rules and Geelong & District Football League Rules governing the actual play. The Interchange and order off rules are to operate for Seniors, Reserves and Under 18s.

               (a) Interchange bench numbers in the Geelong & District Football League are 
      Seniors four (4), and Reserves to a maximum of sixr (6) 
(b) For Geelong & District Football League Thirds competitions Clubs all adopt a 16 players a side minimum number of players for opposing teams. Should a club only have 16 or 17 players then the opposing team shall only field 16 or 17 players respectively at any one time.

      (2)    If any irregularities are noted on the Interchange sheet, the League Executive shall have the power to determine a fine and to deal with the match.

      (3)    It is the responsibility of the timekeepers to ensure that players ordered from the ground under a yellow card, remain off for fifteen minutes of elapsed playing time. All Clubs must have installed red and green lights for the purpose of acknowledgment of the umpires’ carding decisions and the notification to the Clubs when the player is eligible to return the playing field. The timekeepers must therefore:

              (a) identify the umpire’s signal (a yellow card), which indicates a player has been ordered off;
(b) acknowledge the umpire’s decision by the use of the red light or other signal by holding aloft the appropriate card;
(c) record fifteen minutes of elapsed playing time from the moment the player crosses the interchange area in the space provided on the time cards (failure to record the implementation of this rule on the timecards will result in a $30 penalty) ; and
(d) signal the conclusion of the fifteen minute penalty by signalling through the use of the green light.

The interchange steward will continue to record the change as has been the case. The onus remains with the clubs to ensure that this procedure operates effectively.

NB: In the event of more than one player being off at any given time, the onus is on the Club to confer with the interchange steward/timekeepers to determine which player is eligible to come on.

(4)      Clubs in breach of procedure:

              In the event a Club believes an opposition player has been replaced early, that Club must call a team count to verify the number of players on the ground and the score at that particular time. The Umpire will record result of the count on the Umpire’s Match Report. The timekeepers will record the score at the time of the count. This enables a Club to lay a charge against the opposing Club, with the Geelong & District Football League League Executive under VCFL Rules.

 (5)     Players being interchanged to or from the field must be escorted to and from the interchange area by a team official. The team official must request permission from the steward to make the replacement of one named player by another named player as per rule 7.2 of the AFL Laws of the Game. All interchange players must wear their club’s official tracksuit top to and from the interchange area. Breach will incur a fine.

              Penalty: $50.

9    Fixtures & Admissions

     (1)      The draw and date of commencement of matches is to the responsibility of the League Executive.

     (2)      Charges for admission to games will be at the discretion of the League.

10  Extra time in Finals:

(a) There will be no drawn games in any finals. 

(b) In the case of equal scores at the end of scheduled time, the teams will play two (2) five (5) minute periods with time on. The match will recommence with the teams kicking to the same end as they were in the last scheduled quarter, with an immediate change of ends at the conclusion of the first extra time period.

(c) Coaches are permitted to address players at the end of the game prior to the commencement of extra time. Players must be in position to recommence the game prior to the goal umpires returning to their position.

(d) A five minute quarter will be played(including time-on)before immediately changing ends for another five minute quarter(including time-on).There is to be no break between these quarters.   

(e) In the of scores still being tied at the conclusion of these periods extra time, play will recommence at a centre bounce(without change of ends) and the team to score first will be the winner.


11  Ground Facilities

     (1)      Each Club is to provide a ground that in the opinion of the League Executive is suitable for match play.

     (2)      Goal posts must be correctly padded in accordance with VCFL Rules. Penalty: $100

    (3)      Goal posts must have flag-holders. Penalty: $100

   (4)      The ground must be marked in accordance with the Laws of the Game unless impractical to do so. Variations are to be approved by the League Executive. Penalty: $100

   (5)      In terms of the VCFL Acceptable Ground Conditions & Layout it is recommended that the actual boundary line of the playing area shall be no less than three (3) metres from the fence line.

    (6)      A stretcher must be provided by the home Club and located in or near the coaches’ box. Penalty: $100

   (7)      All clubs must provide secured visiting team and umpires’ dressing rooms. Penalty: $100

   (8)      A separate dressing room must be available for umpires. Clubs should also provide dressing room facilities for female umpires when applicable.

  (9)      A line 12 metres in length, one metre from the boundary line shall be marked parallel to the boundary line in front of each of the coaches’ boxes. Penalty: $100

 (10) Home Club must provide two (2) trainers tables in the visitor’s rooms  

     Penalty: $100

  (11)    A AFL Vic. Worksafe Risk Management Checklist must be completed by the competing Clubs Risk Management Officers.  If the same Clubs are competing in all games on the same day at the same venue only one form is required, if more than two Clubs are competing on the same day at the venue then separate forms are to be completed by the Clubs competing in that match.  The duplicate AFL Vic. Worksafe Risk Management Checklist must be submitted to Geelong & District Football League in the Match Day paperwork.  Penalty for not submitting form to Geelong & District Football League - $50 for first offence, subsequent offences $100.  

12  Player Uniforms

    (1)      All Club uniforms shall comply with VCFL rules. The League Executive, before adoption, must approve club colours.

    (2)      Every player must be fully uniformed in his Club colours with his number prominent and securely fixed on his back.

    (3)      All playing jumpers must carry logos as specified by the VCFL and Geelong & District Football League. Clubs must formally request the League Executive’s approval to display sponsorship logos on Club jumpers. This request must include details such as size and positioning.

    (4)      White shorts shall be worn by sides playing away unless approval otherwise is granted by the League Executive.

    (5)      The League Executive will decide choice of shorts for finals matches with priority going to the highest finisher during the home and away games of the two sides playing.

    (6)      Bike shorts worn under playing shorts must be either skin colour or match the colour of the team shorts.

     (7)      All interchange players must wear their Club tracksuit when warming up around the boundary line.

 Penalty for incorrect attire: $25 per garment to a maximum of $100 per game.

13  Coaches and Runners

(1)      Coaches

              (a) All Club coaches, appointed or incumbent, must be notified to Geelong & District Football League, with relevant contact and accreditation details, by 30 March each year. Any coach who does not achieve as a minimum coaching Level 1 Accreditation within twelve months of their initial appointment cannot continue to coach in the ensuing seasons.

              (b) The non-playing coach of any team is not allowed on the playing arena during the progress of the match except at the quarter intervals. During the progress of the match the non-playing coach, interchange players (other than in warming up) and other officials must be in the restricted area as marked by the 12 metre line as per rule 12 (9).

              (c) The team captain of the day shall only be permitted to speak to the Field Umpire at the intervals during the progress of the match (other than if requesting the umpire for a count of players on the playing surface). Any breach of this rule shall be reported by the Umpire and be referred to the League Independent Tribunal and if found guilty shall incur the following maximum penalty:

             1st offence – $100.
2nd offence – $200.
3rd or any further offence – $400.

      (2)   Runners

              (a) First eighteen grades only are permitted to use up to two runners. Other grades are only permitted one runner. 

              (b) Team runner shall not have affixed to his or her person communication device which includes but is not limited to headsets, microphones or earpieces or water bottles.

              (c) A single runner may enter and exit the playing area from any point of the ground. Where two runners are utilised they must enter via the interchange gates    

              (d) No person who is a registered player or an official of any club, other than his home club whether affiliated or not, nor who is under disqualification or suspension by his home club or League, shall act as an official runner in any competition match, or any other match in which a VCFL affiliated Club or League is participating.

              (e) No coach or assistant coach of a VCFL open age team shall act as a runner in a match in which a team of his club is participating.

              (f) Any club that infringes (a)  (b)  (c)  (d) or (e) shall appear before the League’s Independent Tribunal to determine the penalty which may be a substantial fine, and/or a loss of points: and/or such other penalties as determined appropriate.

              (g) All runners are to wear uniforms as approved by the League at the commencement of each season. Runner tops must carry the club name and the word “Runner”. Where a Club uses two Runners in the senior section the uniforms must be numbered to distinguish the runners.  Uniforms for additional runner in the two (2) runner system will be at the expense of the club.

              Penalty $100

              The sole duty of the runner shall be to confer with the player or player’s of his/her club and to immediately leave the playing arena.

14 Trainers, Medical Staff, Water-carriers

      (1)      Trainers & Medical Staff

              (a) Club trainers may enter the arena at any time during the match or intervals but only to attend to an injured player or to replace a damaged uniform and for no other purpose whatsoever.

              (b) Club trainers will wear uniform dress consisting of a white top and white pants. The top must bear the Club name, the word ‘trainer’ and a number (trainers to be numbered 1 – 5). Trainers are permitted to wear a Club coloured top if necessary but it must also be named and numbered.

              (c) Medical staff are to wear a clear and identifying armband. Medical staff means a qualified medical practitioner, physiotherapist or similar qualified person.

              Penalty $100

    (2)      Water- Carriers

               (a) Water-carriers may enter the arena at any time during the match or intervals but only to provide water to players and for no other purpose whatsoever and to immediately leave the playing arena once the drink has been delivered (Refer VCFL Rule 18.2.)

               (b) Water-carriers are to wear a white shirt bearing the Club name and the word ‘water carrier’ and be correctly numbered with black or blue shorts or tracksuit pants, or a garment approved by Geelong & District Football League. Water-carriers must be a maximum of three (3) and be aged over fourteen years.

              (c) Water-carriers’ names must be included on the team sheet clearly numbered 6, 7 and 8 respectively. Penalty $50

              (d) No coach or assistant coach of a VCFL open age team shall act as a water carrier in any Geelong & District Football League match.

     (3)      With the exception of the quarter intervals, no persons other than runners, trainers, medical staff and water carriers may encroach upon or enter the playing arena. The officiating umpires are empowered to send off any of these officials if they are not correctly attired or are deemed to be exceeding their duties.

15  Umpires

     (1)      Central Umpires must hand to the home Club Secretary immediately after the match, the following:

              (a) Team sheets of opposing teams duly signed.

               (b) General report of match, starting time, uniforms, officials on League form.

              (c) Selection noted of three best and fairest players in order of preference marking the names 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. Players’ names to be shown in team lists and numbers of such players. This vote is to be placed in the separate sealed envelope.

              (d) Charges against Clubs or players (with numbers) for breaches of rules and any matter they consider should be brought up.

     (2)      Central Umpires must see that Boundary Umpires are properly uniformed. Goal Umpires must be appropriately attired and equipped with suitable white flags, and two timekeepers are to be in position prior to commencement of the game.

    (3)      The Field Umpire shall have full control of the play and shall award penalties in accordance with the laws of the game. No appeal shall be entertained against any of his decisions.

   (4)      In the event of a GDFL appointed Reserve Grade umpire, such umpire will have the power to:

              (a) issue yellow cards;

              (b) issue red cards; and

             (c) report players.

              Where a player is reported by a non-GFUL or a non GDFL Reserve Grade  Umpire a report sheet is to be completed by the umpire and faxed to Geelong & District Football League no later than 5.45pm on the day of the game. The Geelong & District Football League Executive will then handle the report. Cost of investigation $150 will be charged to offending Club if player found to be guilty.

    (5)      Where a substitute Central Umpire has been appointed he shall fill in the Best and Fairest votes.

    (6)      Where Goal Umpires are not provided by the Geelong Football Umpires League, they must be supplied by the competing Clubs. They must be conversant with the rules, wear long white coats and be provided with white flags at least 45 cm square by Clubs and must use the League scorecard which must be signed by both Goal Umpires, Timekeepers and Central Umpires at the match conclusion, failing which it may not be recognised as official. They must keep their goal area clear of spectators.

              (Club-appointed goal umpires must wear a white coat. Penalty $50.)

     (7)      All umpires including goal umpires are to be escorted from the ground at half time and at the conclusion of the match by the club runners. Penalty $100

16  Interchange Stewards

              The Home Club is responsibilities for the appointment of an interchange steward for each game.

              The responsibilities of the interchange steward are outlined in Laws of the Game Rule 7

             The Interchange Steward will record the jumper numbers of players who commence on the interchange bench at the commencement of each quarter. It is the responsibility of team managers from both competing Clubs to notify the appointed Interchange Steward of the jumper numbers of players on the interchange bench at the commencement of the game and then at each quarter break

              Penalty $100 (offending Club)

17  Timekeepers

     (1)      One responsible Timekeeper is to be provided by each competing Club. (Failure to supply a timekeeper – Penalty $50)  Stopwatches are to be synchronized. Where only one stopwatch is available that shall be the official time.

     (2)      In finals matches competing Clubs are to  supply their own timekeepers.

     (3)      Matches shall start at the times decided by the League Executive.

     (4)      Matches shall be played in accordance with the time intervals set out by the League Executive.

     (5)      A bell, gong, or siren, capable of being heard across the ground at its farthest point must be provided.

               Penalty: $50

     (6)      Timekeepers are to give a warning siren two (2) minutes prior to the start of the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter. A siren warning will be given five (5) minutes and then at two (2) minutes prior to the start of the 3rd quarter in senior and reserves and Under 18s competition.

     (7)      Timekeepers shall keep accurate records of scores on cards supplied by Geelong & District Football League. Times of starts and finishes of quarters; appearance times of teams; elapsed playing time of players ordered from the ground. The timekeeper must sign the cards and return them to the Central Umpire for counter signature. Penalty $30

    (8)      Light system to be used for order off rule as per rule 8(3).

    (9)      Timekeepers and Goal Umpires are to check each other’s scorecards. Goal Umpires’ scores shall be the official scores of the game.

18  Footballs

              Two new Sherrin branded footballs are to be provided by the home Club in each senior match. Two suitable Sherrin branded footballs in good order and condition are to provided by the home Club for each Reserve and Under 18s match. In finals, Sherrin  branded footballs will be provided by Geelong & District Football League.

19 Playing Times

              Playing Times are:

             Home & Away Games
Time on only in senior grade except where a team count is called, a stretcher is on ground or there is a lengthy delay as deemed by the umpire/s in charge.

                             Start            Quarters        ¼ time     ½ time     ¾ time

              Seniors     2.10 pm          20m+TO       5 min          15 min     5 min

              Reserves  12.00pm          20m             5 min          15 min  ``5 min

              Thirds      10.00am         20m             5 min          15 min      5 min

              Finals Games

                            Start             Quarters        ¼ time      ½ time     ¾ time

              Seniors     2.15pm          20min+TO      5 min          15  min     5 min

              Reserves  12.00pm        20min            5 min         15 min      5 min

              Thirds      10.00am         20min            5 min          15 min      5 min

             Grand Final

                             Start               Quarters        ¼ time     ½ time     ¾ time

              Seniors     2.15pm          20min+TO      5 min         15  min      5 min

              Reserves  11.45am         20min            5 min         15 min       5 min

              Thirds      09.45am         20min            5 min         15 min       5 min

              Clubs responsible for late starts at any point of any match will incur a fine of $50 per occurrence.  


20  Team Lists

     (1)      A computer generated alphabetical lists in ink of team names with full name and numbers on an approved form and signed by Captain or Club Official responsible are to be handed to central umpire prior to commencement of each game. Club Secretaries are responsible for correct first name, second initial and surname on these lists as well as seeing that the names of trainers, runners and medical staff are shown in the space provided. Coach, captain, and vice captain and any other official entering the arena should be identified on the team sheet. Player number must match the number recorded in the football record. A notation must be made on the team sheet to indicate exceptional circumstances. For the purpose of this rule players names appearing on the prescribed team sheet will be deemed as evidence of participation on the day. Failure to list all players on the team sheet may incur the imposing of VCFL Rule (1.3), or governing body, this will be at the discretion of the League Executive. 


              Penalty for not signing – $50; Penalty for failure to include all players in team list – $100; Penalty for failure to include other information – $30; Penalty for player number not matching football record – $30.


    (2)      Match Day Paperwork: The Home Club secretary shall assume responsibility for the contents of the Match Envelopes and should ensure that they are delivered to League Executive Headquarters by 9.30am on the Sunday following the game.

             Where Friday night or Sunday games are played other arrangements MAY BE put in place.

21  Match Reports


     (1)      The Secretary of the home Club must complete a match report, on the clubs sportingpulse data base played his Club on that day.


     (2)      The Secretary of the home Club must complete the press report, on the club sportingpulse data base played that day.Penalty: 1st offence – $50: 2nd offence – $100.


     (3)      Penalties


              (a) Team manager failing to receive the all clear – Penalty $50


              (b) Failing to have Interchange/order off form signed by the interchange steward.

              (c) Failing to submit Umpires’ Reports by fax to Geelong & District Football League by 5.45 pm on the day of the match.

              Penalty: $100

    (4)      Home Club shall place all documents in the envelope provided by Geelong & District Football League and deliver it to Geelong & District Football League headquarters by 9.30am on the following Sunday. Penalty $100

22  Ground Encroachment


     (1)      The non-playing coach of any team is not allowed on the playing arena during the progress of the match except at quarter and three-quarter time intervals.


     (2)      With the exception only of the quarter time and three-quarter time interval, no persons other than officials provided for in rule 18.1 may encroach upon or enter the playing arena, or stand sufficiently close to the boundary line to impede or hamper the progress or movement of the Boundary Umpires in the execution of their duties.



     (3)     Team “huddles” at both quarter and three quarter times (and extra time in finals) must be located outside the centre square. Penalty: $50


23  Disputes


Refer to AFL Victoria


     (1)     The League Executive has the power to deal with and settle all disputes arising out of or in connection with this competition with the exception of appeals as defined in VCFL rules. The League Executive may have such disputes heard and decided by the Independent Tribunal. Should the party or parties concerned refuse or neglect to abide by such decision they shall be suspended from the competition for such time as the League Executive or Tribunal may determine, and shall be liable to a fine in default of payment of such fine the party or parties concerned may be excluded from playing in the competition.


     (2)      Any party referring any dispute to the League Executive shall forward a statement of such dispute in writing to the Operation Manager not later than 5pm on the Monday following the match and 5pm on the Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday.


24  Barrackers and Supporters


              Any supporters or barrackers who are known to be members of any Club, within the League who, in the opinion of the Central, Boundary or Goal Umpire, Emergency Umpire, League Executive or Geelong & District Football League Officer, behave in an offensive manner by spoken remarks, or openly incite players on the field to play in a manner not conducive to the best interests of the game, or are the cause of any disturbance between onlookers, will render the Club/Member to which they belong liable to appear before the League Executive or Tribunal who will have the power after dealing with the case to impose a special fine, suspend or expel such Club from the League.


25  Practice Matches


     (1)      In all practice matches played by an affiliated Club whether within the League or against a Club from another League the Club Secretary shall ensure that a team sheet is completed and handed to the Central Umpire.


     (2)      The Club Secretary shall forward copies of all such team sheets to the League CEO in the week following the completion of the match.


     (3)      Any player who plays in a practice match and is not a registered player of the participating Club must have his registered Club identified on the team sheet.


     (4)      All practice matches are to be played under the auspices of the AFL Country.


     (5)      All practice matches will be conducted under AFL Country rules and under normal match conditions. Umpires will have the right to report and order off. Umpires have been instructed that the Order Off Rule will not be used in lieu of reporting a player when a reportable offence has been committed.


     (6)      All reports will be heard by the Independent Tribunal of the league of the host Club and any investigations referred from a practice match, will be conducted by the Host Club’s League Investigation Officer.


     (7)      All practice matches played exclusively between clubs in the AFL Barwont Region must engage the use of GFUL umpires from this region.


     (8)      Clubs may deal direct with the GFUL for appointment of umpires for a practice match and shall forward umpires’ fees direct to the GFUL.

26  Investigation Officer


              An Investigation Officer will be appointed by the AFL Victoria from its panel of Investigation Officers to investigate any matter referred to him pursuant to VCFL Rule 5.2 (Unbecoming conduct).


27  Unbecoming Conduct


     (1)      Geelong & District Football League Executive members, Club members, Players or Umpires who allege that a player or an official of a Club has been guilty of conduct which is unbecoming to a Player or an Official of a Club or which is likely to bring the game of football into disrepute may lodge with the League a notice in writing setting out the particulars of the allegation within 5 days.


              A notice under this paragraph must be lodged with the Secretary within five days after the date of the act or omission to which it relates unless the League Executive agrees to extend this period to a maximum of 30 days. An extension agreed to by the League Executive may be for such period and subject to such conditions as the League Executive thinks fit. Such investigation shall be completed within 21 days of the matter being referred to the Investigation Officer, unless, at the completion of the 21 days, the League at the request of the Investigation Officer then grants an extension of time.


              A Deposit of $500 shall accompany the notice, which shall be forfeited in whole or part in the event that the Investigation Officer or Independent Tribunal consider it frivolous.

              $150 will be deducted from the deposit to cover investigation costs.


     (2)      Notice of any allegation received under paragraph (1) shall be referred to the Investigation Officer for investigation. The Investigation Officer may investigate the allegation as he sees fit.


     (3)      If the Investigation Officer, after investigation of the allegation, is of the opinion that the Player or Official in question may have been guilty of conduct unbecoming to a Player or an Official of a Club or is likely to bring the game of football in disrepute and that the allegation ought to be dealt with by the League Independent Tribunal as hereinafter provided, he may lodge with the League a notice in writing setting out details of the allegation.


     (4)      If a notice is lodged with the League under paragraph (3), the League Secretary shall fix a date, time and place for a hearing of the allegation before the League Independent Tribunal, being a date not later than 9 days after lodgement of the notice and shall advise the Player or Official in question of those particulars and forward to the Player or Official direct or care of the Club Secretary in question a copy of the notice lodged under paragraph (3).

    (5)      The League Independent Tribunal may regulate any proceedings brought before it under this Rule as it thinks fit, but in any such proceedings, the Player or Official against whom the allegation has been made and his advocate shall be entitled to appear before the League Independent Tribunal.

   (6)      In any proceeding brought before a tribunal under this rule the Investigation Officer shall personally appear before it and lay any necessary charge or charges and act as the prosecuting officer for the League.

   (7)      If the League Independent Tribunal decides that the Player or Official in question has been guilty of conduct which, in the opinion of the League Independent Tribunal, is unbecoming to a Player or Official of a Club or which is likely to bring the game of football into disrepute, it may make such orders and give such directions in the manner as it thinks fit.


              Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the League Independent Tribunal may:

              (a) impose a fine of such amount as it thinks fit on the Player or Official in question; or,

              (b) may disqualify the Player or Official in question for such period as it thinks fit.

   (8)      The decision of the League Independent Tribunal in respect of any allegation brought before it under this Rule shall be final and binding on all parties.

Football Record

    (1)      All Club scribes for the ‘Football Record’ must have their name and contact number registered with the Secretary.

    (2)      Each Club will be allocated approximately half a page in the weekly ‘Record’ for notes. These notes, as well as any alterations to player names/numbers must be sent via e-mail to the publishers by Tuesday 9.30am. Penalty $100


     (3)      Clubs do not submit Club notes when they have the bye in the upcoming round.


     (4)      Team lists for the ‘Record’ must have each player’s full name and number. Penalty: $20 per name


     (5)      Records are to be picked up by the home side each Friday after 3pm from  the league printer.


     (6)      Club notes must use full names, not abbreviations or nicknames, e.g. ‘Bomber’ Thompson. Penalty $50 


30  Media


     (1)      Senior teams must be listed the  club sportingpulse data base each Thursday night prior to 7.15 pm. Penalty: $100

    (2)      Squads are not acceptable. Clubs must name eighteen players in position, four interchange and up to three emergencies including player “Ins and Outs” from the previous round and reasons. Penalty: $100

    (3)      Where a Club has VFL listed player/s registered with their VCFL Club it is permitted to name extra emergencies that include the VFL listed player/s.

    (4)      For all Finals games Senior, Reserves and Thirds grade teams must be submitted in accordance with the above rules


              Seniors – 4 interchange and 3 emergencies

              Reserves 4 Interchange and 3 emergencies   Thirds Interchange and 3 emergencies

31  Correspondence

   (1)      The Geelong & District Football League Secretary must be advised of any relevant correspondence with the GFUL, the VCFL, VCFL Area Manager,or other League.

   (2)      All correspondence or references from Clubs to the VCFL Area Manager and affiliated bodies shall be addressed through the Secreatary of the League. 

32  Best and Fairest Awards

   (1)      Any player found guilty by the Independent Tribunal on any charge shall be ineligible for the award of Best and Fairest during the current season, except where the charge relates to time wasting.

    (2)      In the event of a tie in the best and fairest voting in any section two or more awards shall be made. Where the highest vote getter has been ruled ineligible, the second highest vote getter will be declared the winner. In the event that more than one player finishes second on votes, the winner will be decided on a count back based on most three votes; most two votes; and most one votes.


               All clubs are required to make sure that their officials, players, coaches and trainers are aware of their responsibilities.

     1.      Umpires will be instructed to check players, runners and trainers in all grades to ensure they are not wearing rings or jewellery that could be regarded as a danger to other participants. Plaster casts and injury protection type equipment will have to pass the Umpires inspection before   being passed for use.

    2.       Medical staff to wear identification that is easily recognised by Umpires, Players and Officials. A reasonably sized badge with a red cross on a white back ground could be worn on the lapel or as a shoulder patch.

    3.       It will be within the authority of any official G.F.U.L. umpire to order anyone off the ground who is not clearly identified.This includes Players, Trainers, Runners and Medical Staff.

    4.       The Training staff participating at a game is restricted to no more than 5 trainers and 1 runner. This includes Water Boys.Each member should carry an identifying number and the names and numbers should be included on the team sheet.

    5.       Training staff should be accredited and clubs should ensure that the education and re-education of training staff is continually updated. The League annually hosts a First Aid seminar teaching local training staff new skills.

      9.       AFL Victoria. APPROVED UNIFORMS

              Umpires will check that clubs conform with AFL Vic. Rules regarding the wearing of uniforms.     Lace up jumpers are not products of  the AFL Vic. manufacturers and should be withdrawn by clubs immediately. Lace up jumpers have been banned by the A.F.L. andAFL Vic. because of the danger of player injury.

      10.     UMPIRE ESCORTS

              This important function is the responsibility of both clubs during the home and away competition, with runners from both participating clubs escorting umpires from the ground at half time and at the completion of the match.

      11.     PRACTICE MATCHES

              All practice matches which include the AFL Barwon region Clubs exclusively, will be controlled by the AFL Barwon Comm. Clubs will contact the G.F.U.L. direct for umpire appointments and be directly responsible to them for costs.

              Any player who participates in a South West controlled practice match and is not a registered member of the Club he is playing with must identify his registered club on the team sheet. Team sheets must be fully completed, including Training staff and Runners.

              All practice matches will be conducted under AFL Vic. rules and under normal match conditions.

               Umpires will have the right to send off, Report of send off and report as per AFL Vic./AFL Barwon rules. All reports will be heard by the AFL Barwon Regional  Independent Tribunal and any investigation referred from a practice match will be conducted by the AFL Barwon Regional Investigation Officer.

              Umpires are instructed that the ORDER OFF RULE will not be used in lieu of reporting a player when a reportable offence has been committed.

              During finals matches adequate staff must be delegated to ensure safe conduct of the Central, Boundary and Goal Umpires from the playing arena at half time and at the completion of the match.

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