Worksface VCFL Umpire Escort Policy

All WorkSafe VCFL clubs are required to provide an adult umpire escort for all matches their club is involved in during a season.

The Umpire escort must wear the league approved identification.

The Umpire escort shall be required to escort and assist the umpires at all breaks in play to ensure that any incidents are controlled in a reasonable manner.

Suggested procedures The Umpires Escort must:

a) Be listed on the official team sheet
b) Wear the league supplied official escort identification
c) Be capable of assisting the umpires if an incident arises
d) To be present at the umpires rooms five minutes prior to the umpires entering the ground
e) To accompany the umpires on and off the ground and to stand with the umpires at all scheduled breaks in play
f) To move quickly to the umpires at the end of each quarter
g) Not to give comment on the umpires performance
h) In the event of an incident involving the umpires to remain with the umpires and ensure their safe departure from the ground
i) Escort the umpires to the umpire’s room door before duty is completed
j) Ensure that goal umpires are accompanied to umpires rooms

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