S.F.L. League History


The collection and preservation of the history of the Southern Football League is the work of one man.more

The Early Years - Season 1882 to 1911

The foundation years of the Southern Football League, also known as the Southern Football Association and the Alexandria Football Association, began in 1886 after a football match between Willunga and Kensington in 1882.more

The Early Years - Season 1914 to 1921

Season 1914 had the League listed as the Alexandria Football Association.more

Season 1922 (Premier - Noarlunga)

The 1922 season provides us with the first complete round by round match scores for the Southern Football League.more

Season 1923 (Premier - Willunga)

1923 saw 5 clubs participate with Willunga winning the premiership after finishing third in the minor round.more

Season 1924 (Premier - McLaren Vale)

1924 saw 6 clubs participating with McLaren Vale taking the minor premiership with an 11-4 win/loss ratio and then the grand final win and Morphett Vale going the season without a win.more

Season 1925 (Premier - Noarlunga)

1925 saw the return to 5 teams with Noarlunga taking the minor premiership with a 9 and 3 win/loss ratio and then the grand final over McLaren Vale by 2 points.more

The entering of the SFL League history is an ongoing project - Watch this space!

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