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Touch Football Australia (TFA) and Manly Touch aim to provide schools with the opportunity to enjoy Touch Football through the various programs, via coach or teacher delivery.

To assist both our coaches and teachers in the delivery of Touch Football we have created a suite of resources to cater to the varying skill level of students.

This ensures that students have the opportunity to confidently develop their Touch Football skills and knowledge through high participation and enjoyable delivery.

The three resources we offer are outlined below.

Play for Life

Sport Introduction & Basics Through Game Based Activities.

This resource will most likely be targeted at students who have not been exposed to Touch Football and it is their first experience with the sport.

Play for Life Download


Foundation Schools Resource

Learning, Acquisition and Refinement of Basic Movement and Skills.

This resource will most likely be targeted at students who already have a basic understanding of Touch Football & have likely previously participated in some Touch Football programs.

Foundations Schools Resource


Talent Schools Resource

Practice and Demonstration of Basic Skills and Progression to Talent Level of Movement and Skills.

This resource will most likely be targeted at students who have advanced beyond the Play for Life & Foundation Modules. Students should have a stronger understanding of the Foundation skills of Touch Football and are ready to further develop their skills at a Talent level.

Talent Schools Resource


A key note for these resources is that they are not aligned to a particular age group, but rather to the student’s level of development.

A judgement needs to be made from coaches and teachers as to the development level of participating students to identify which resource will be most appropriate.

Should you have any questions or feedback on these resources please feel free to contact our Admin Manager via

Notice Board

Registration for MWTA's 2018 Senior Winter Competition is now closed!

However if you still need to register as a player, please clink on the link Senior Online RegosYou will need your team code from your team contact.

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It is important for players to SIGN ON BEFORE they play. This is for both insurance and eligibility reasons (semi finals and rep teams).


ALL team members must be in the correct uniform. Referees will enforce NO UNIFORM NO NUMBER NO PLAY NO EXCUSES policy from round 4 onwards.

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