Why Play Touch

Touch Football is a thrilling sport that allows people from all walks of life to achieve their goals; whether that is the thrill of challenging oneself to compete at their best, the thrill of a fast, skilful and exhilarating sport, the thrill of meeting new people or the thrill of being a part of something that can span a lifetime.

4 reasons for why Touch Football is the very best team sport there is:

  1. Anyone can play. The evidence: there are five-year-olds, mums, dads and grannies all in the one team. It doesn’t matter what your age, experience, ability or fitness level is, it’s an accessible, inclusive game. And it comes without the pain factor of tackle sports.
  2. Touch Football is played year-round. It's largely considered the summer sport played in rugby league’s off-season, but it’s also a winter game. You can register a whole team or enquire about joining an existing team as an individual player.
  3. You can play in mixed gender teams, which means lifelong friendships and even romances can strike on the field (without having to swipe right). One example? Dylan Hennessey, regarded as the best Touch player in the world, and his wife Emily Hennessey both play for Australia. Love.
  4. It fits with your life. A game of Touch Footy is over in just 45 minutes – that’s two 20-minute halves with a five-minute halftime. And there are no training expectations. Arrive, play, head home… or to the pub with your new mates. 

           Courtesy Women’s Health magazine April 2018 issue.

10 reasons why playing Touch Football at Manly Touch is one of the best decisions you’ll make:
  1. It’s fun, social and you will love it!
  2. We are an affiliated competition with Touch Football Australia (TFA) and NSW Touch Association (NSWTA) and have been around for more than 40 years
  3. We are a Not-For-Profit Association run by our members for our members, That’s you! Every cent we make goes back into the game
  4. Through Touch Football Australia, we have a superior insurance scheme which is not offered to unaffiliated competitions such as those run privately by individuals
  5. We are one of the most successful Affiliates in New South Wales.  Manly Touch is the only club since the inception of touch football to hold both the NSWTA Junior State Cup and NSWTA Senior State Cup Club Champions trophies. In recent years this has been achieved on a number of occasions.
  6. Our competitions cater for all levels from the touch football novice through to the more experienced representative levels. Whatever your ability, we have a division suited to your team
  7. We offer pathways in representative touch tournaments
  8. We have registered, graded and trained referees
  9. We have Coaches and Selectors who administer our Representative teams. These are people with enormous experience and training, some are current and former NSW and Australian Representatives
  10. Last but not least, all of our local comp games are played every week at the same local venue, Nolan Reserve. There is NO traipsing all over Sydney to play other teams
If you are interested in joining one of our local competitions, please find Key Dates here to get you started.
For more information regarding the Junior Summer competition at Manly Touch please contact our Admin Manager via admin@manlytouch.com

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