Referee Payment Policy

Manly Touch has its own referee pay grades and this may differ from that recommended by NSWTA or what other Affiliates pay.

Senior Competitions Monday and Thursday Nights:

1. All appointments for games will be authorised by the Ground Manager or the Referee Director. They will give preference to referees that have indicated their availability and graded referees. The Ground Manager or Referee Director will also determine when and if buddies are required
2. Referees will be paid by MWTA via direct deposit
3. Referees will be paid as follows

  • Level 1 - Level 3 referees $30 per game
  • Level 4 - Level 6 referees $40 per game
  • Non-badged referees $20 per game (i.e. a referee that has not done a touch football referee course)

4. If a referee is allocated a game and there is a forfeit on that game they MUST return to the desk to let the Ground Manager or Referee Director know and they will be allocated another game. Failure to do this and assist fellow referees may incur a forfeit of referee payments

Duty Referees

MWTA has a duty referee system for our Senior competitions. Teams are required to nominate a Duty Referee and attend rostered referee duties, approximately 3 times a season.

If there are insufficient graded referees available on competition night, these Duty Referees will be required to officiate a game. It is recommended that all teams ensure they organise for at least 1 or 2 of their players to attain their Level 1 Referee Certificate accreditation. Please contact our Referee Director to register your interest and find out the date of our next Level 1 Referee Course.

When a team is rostered on to supply a duty referee, they must supply one referee that will need to report to the competition desk at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their allocated duty time slot.

Penalties for not providing someone for your team’s referee duty will be as follows:
• The team who does not supply a duty referee must supply a duty referee the following
week or they will lose 3 competition points
• This weekly penalty will continue until the team provides a duty referee

MWTA understands that everyone does not feel comfortable refereeing a game of touch football, especially our new teams. MWTA will never force a duty ref to referee a game on their own if they do not feel comfortable to do so. MWTA will instead place you with a qualified referee.

Please note Duty Referees are not paid.

Contact Details

If you want to make some extra money, refereeing games of touch football is great way to make a few dollars and maintain your fitness at the same time. For more information regarding refereeing at Manly Touch please contact:

Caren Friend
Referee Director
Manly Warringah Touch Association Incorporated
PO Box 214, Dee Why NSW 2099

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