Selection Policy

Representative Team Selection Policy -

Selection Criteria and Selection Process:

All teams representing MWTA shall be selected according to this policy with the aim of ensuring that team selections are objective, are seen to be fair by all, and ensure all aspiring players are given a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Team selections shall occur under the auspices of a selection panel of three selectors drawn from a selection committee of at least five appointed by the MWTA Executive. 

Any disputes in relation to the selection process shall be overseen by the Executive. The final decision on selections shall be made by the MWTA Executive. 

A selection panel will be appointed by the Executive to select teams in consultation with the relevant Representative Director (Junior or Senior). 

The trials and selection process shall be finalised at a date determined by Executive which takes into account all relevant factors. 

In cases where the number of players ‘trying out’ is less than the player numbers required, a panel may not be required. 

The appointed Selection Panel will choose the relevant team based on the below criteria in consultation with the appointed Coach and/or Coaches. The criteria need not have equal weighting but must be taken into account.

Player selection criteria:

      1.    Player fitness including consideration of injuries.

2.    Player agility, speed and ball skills.

3.    Player reading of attack and defence including positional play.

4.    Overall skill needs of team and reasonable comparison of players with regard to positions players are trialling for.                                    

5.    Player integration into team including teamwork, moves and harmony.

6.    Demonstrated player respect for others including team-mates, opposition, referees & coaches.

7.    Must be an Affiliated and Financial member of Manly Warringah Touch Association, including participation in MWTA current competition as well as meeting MWTA and NSWTA tournament eligiblity requirements. 

Selection process:

     1.     All players will be informed that selection will occur based on the MWTA Selection  Policy.

2.    Players who are unlikely to be selected or who are not selected should be notified before successful players and in an appropriate manner by the Selection Panel or Junior Representative  Director or by a representative of the MWTA Executive Committee.

 3.    All interested players will be fully informed on an equal basis of trial and training information.   

Some unsuccessful players may be appointed as ‘Shadow Players’ who may be given the opportunity to continue to participate in training and games to assist with their development and in the event of other players being injured or unavailable for any reason.


Notice Board

Registration for MWTA's 2018 Senior Winter Competition is now closed!

However if you still need to register as a player, please clink on the link Senior Online RegosYou will need your team code from your team contact.

Signing On:

It is important for players to SIGN ON BEFORE they play. This is for both insurance and eligibility reasons (semi finals and rep teams).


ALL team members must be in the correct uniform. Referees will enforce NO UNIFORM NO NUMBER NO PLAY NO EXCUSES policy from round 4 onwards.

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