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Manly Warringah Touch Association has a zero tolerance policy towards foul language and sledging by players, coaches and officials. Referees are required to address such unacceptable action immediately if it occurs before, during or after a game.

If audible swearing occurs (which is sufficient to be heard or has the potential to cause offence to any player, official or spectator) the referee will immediately penalise and remove the offending player from the field for a period of time (forced substitution). 


The referee is required to record and report the offence to competition manager. If a second offence occurs in the same game the player must be sent from the field and will incur an automatic two(2) game suspension under the rules of Touch.


All players that swear, sledge or use audible foul language must be reported by the referee following the game. Similarly any abuse or back-chatting of referees or officials before, during and after the game must be reported.


Following any player being reported, a formal caution will be issued to the player. If there are any subsequent reports a player will receive a one game suspension. This suspension will be in addition to any other penalty. It will apply to the competition that the player is participating in.


Referees are obliged to act on and penalise players for continual breaches of the rules, bad sporting behaviour or any other action which is not in the spirit of the game.



MWTA REFEREE PAYMENT POLICY – Monday night Competition:


1.    Each team supplies $10 ($10 for Seniors and $5 for Juniors) each at the start of a game to the referee, the game does not commence until the referee has all of the money.


2.   If a team fails to pay the referee, they supply the referee for that game. (The Referee is to hand the non paying team the card). If that team refuses to referee they forfeit. If both teams refuse to referee the game is abandoned.   In the incidence where Teams purposely use their own referee to gain an advantage, a by law will be implemented whereby (by law rule #) that a referee cannot referee his/her own team. This will be monitored by the Competition Manager and Referee Director.


3.   Graded referees (receiving a payment higher than $20) will have their payment topped up by the Association at the conclusion of the Competition. ie: a level 6 would receive $20 paid on the night with a further $10 per game paid by the Association at the conclusion of the Competition.


4.   If there is more than one referee, allocated by the Competitions Manager or Referee Director to a game on the night, they divide the $20 cash ($10 each) and have the rest topped up by the association at the conclusion of the Competition. eg: two level 6 referees, worth $30 each, $10 each paid on the night, and $20 each topped up by the Association at the conclusion of the Competition for this game.


5.   For Semi Finals and Grand Finals, the Association pays all referees; NO payment is made by teams. The Association appoints referees to these games.


6.   All appointments for games will be authorised by the Competition Manager or the Referee Director. He/she will give preference to qualified, graded referees. He/she will also determine when and if buddies occur.


       NOTE 1: If teams are worried about the cost and don't want to pay for a referee, they can referee their own game.


NOTE 2: If there are insufficient graded referees available on competition night, teams will be asked to provide a      “duty” referee.   It is recommended that all teams ensure they organise for at least 1 or 2 of their players to attain their Level 1 Referee Certificate accreditation.   Please contact our Referee Director Caren Friend to register your interest and find out the date of our next Level 1 Referee Course –




*Games will be called off only in extreme circumstances.

1) If Council regards the fields unfit for play then the games will be cancelled. Council make decisions regarding closure of grounds by 3pm each day. After 3pm the MWTA website and FaceBook page will be updated to show if games are on or off that evening.

 2)    Games may still be called off due to heavy rain or lightning activity at the discretion of the Competition Manager - refer to MWATI's Lightning Policy below.  

3) The games can be called off if a referee regards conditions unfit for play.

4) The MWTA rule that games will not be played if in doubt as to whether games are to be played.  In that case, games will be suspended/postponed by the Competition Manager.

 5)  Washed out games will only be replayed if any free playing days are scheduled by the Competition Manager.


1.  If thunderstorms occur, use the ’30-30’ rule to determine the distance of the storm and take appropriate action to suspend play if less than 10km away.

The 30/30 Rule

The “30–30 Rule” states that when you see lightning, count the time until you hear the associated thunder, and if this time delay is 30 seconds or less, go immediately to a safe location as described above.

If you cannot see the lightning, just hearing the thunder means you are most likely to already be within striking range, and it is time to seek whatever appropriate shelter is available.

After the storm conditions have apparently dissipated or moved on, wait a further 30 minutes, after hearing the last thunder before leaving the safe area location. Should thunder be heard within this period, recount from the last thunder heard.

2.  Play can resume when the ’30-30’ rule has been satisfied; Where practicable ensure that all present are relocated, if necessary, to a safe shelter. Move to club house making sure people and kids stay away from metal support poles or move to vehicles.

3.  The signal for a stoppage due to lightning will be 3 sirens at 10 second intervals. Referee’s will then instruct players and spectators to seek cover.

4.  Participants will be called back to fields with one long siren and play will re-commence on next siren.


Please see attached policy.




Please see attached policy.


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