Why join us?

1.   We are an affiliated competition with Touch Football Australia (the official Government recognised convener of the sport) & also NSW Touch Association. We have been registered and operating since 1986. 

2.   We are an Incorporated Association run and controlled by its members, being the players and referees. We are a Not-For-Profit Association and every cent we make goes back into the game, unlike many unaffiliated competitions run by individuals who are in it just to make a profit. These rebel competitions put nothing back into the game itself. 

3.   Through Touch Football Australia, we have a superior player insurance scheme which is not offered to unaffiliated competitions such as those run privately by individuals. Can you afford not to be insured? 

4.   As we are an affiliated competition with Touch Football Australia, we offer the opportunity for those of you who would like to get serious about touch to participate in Representative touch tournaments, annually at Regional (NSWTA Senior and Junior State Cup), National (National Touch League), State (State of Origin NSW vs QLD) and International level (World Cup and Trans Tasman).  Again, this is something you cannot do at individual rebel competitions.NB Players who participate in these privately run competitions are ineligible to play at Representative level. We are also one of the most successful Affiliates in New South Wales being the Senior State Cup "Champion Club".  In recent years this has been achieved on a number of occasions.

5.   We have registered graded and trained referees, who can properly officiate games. Many of these referees who operate at Representative and indeed International level.  We also have Coaches and Selectors who administer our Representative teams. These are people with enormous experience and training, some are current and former NSW and Australian Representatives. 

6.   Our association is run by a Committee of volunteers made up of players and referees whose only interest is to promote touch football locally and make the game of touch more enjoyable.  Every decision made has you as the player as it's vested interest.  Unlike privately run competitions who put you the player second to them making a dollar.

7.   Our Team registration fees are some of the most competitive in the market, making playing touch football at Easts one of the most cost effective sports an individual can play. Registration for a Senior Team is $1075 incl. GST (roughly $90 - $100 per player depending on number of players per team).  Junior Team registration is: $775 incl. GST for a season.  Compare this to Soccer where individual regos are $250+,  Rugby League/Union $180+,  Netball $220+  (Please Note: Individual registrations are not accepted).

8.  Our competitions cater for all levels from the touch football novice through to the more experienced representative levels.  Whatever your ability, we have a division suited to your team.

9.  CONVENIENCE - You play every week AT THE SAME LOCAL VENUE.  There is NO trapsing all over Sydney to play other teams. 

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