Team Coordinators

As a Team Coordinator here are simple steps for you to follow.

1. Ensure team T-Shirts with numbers have been ordered.  (No fluro - yellow colour).  Teams are required to be wearing their team T-Shirt by Round 1. No touch down scores will be recorded on referees score cards unless the player has correct shirt with number (from Round 1 week commencing 3rd May 2015)

2. Register your team via TEAM ONLINE REGISTRATION. You will be issued with a TEAM CODE. 

3. Pay fees online or by cheque. Collect registration fees from team members so you are not the unofficial team sponsor.

4. Request by email all team players to completet PLAYER ONLINE REGISTRATION using your TEAM CODE by Round 4.

5. Make players aware fixtures can be found on the club website They should 'like us' on Facebook for wet weather updates. The wet weather number will also be updated 1900 957 394.

6. Make team members aware of the Final Series dates and to qualify, they must have signed on themselves and played 6 games. Grand Final Day Sunday 30th August 2015. (All Divisions). 

7. Eastern Suburbs Touch Association Inc is insured through Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd for Public Liability and personal player injury up to $3000. It is advisable that all players should have Private Health Insurance to cover all extra medical and hospital costs.

8. Make sure all players know and understand the playing rules of Touch A.T.A handbook, these points (1-9) and the 2014 -15 Format rules and Regulations (1-23) as laid down by this Association.

9. There is no doubt Touch is one of the harder sports to referee, if not the hardest. We are paying top dollar for qualified N.S.W.T.Referees this season and any misconduct or abuse will not be tolerated. We can do without certain individuals but we can not do without referees!


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