Competion Regulations


Registration Night - 28th March 2018 - Bondi Waverley Squash Club



Mixed  - 5 Divisions   

Women's/Junior Girls - 3 Divisions plus Junior Girls 

Mens/Junior Boys -  Men's plus Junior Boys          

2.     TIMES:     Men's 8.25am, Mixed & Girls 9.15 am & 10.10 am

3.     Games will be played 20 minutes each-way.

4.     All players must have gone online and registrated by Round 4, otherwise teams will forfeit their        insurance cover. All injuries must be reported to the referee and written on the back of the Referees score card at the completion of the game.   (Please refer to attached Insurance Cover Sheet).

5.    During the season a player can only play in one division in each of the 3 sections – Men's, Women's, or Mixed. (Exception to this rule ie Teachers, Parents, Work Commitments - must be in writing). Due to Insurance Policy and this Association offering open competitions for both males and females, no females are permitted to play in the Men's open section and no males are permitted to play in the Women's open section.

6.    NEW PLAYER’S REGISTRATION ENDS ROUND 4 OF THE COMPETITION, which means you must have signed-on yourself on the park sign-on game sheets and played at least one game by Round 4

Any players who are unable to sign-on by Round 4 and wish to be registered to play must have a letter in writing submitted to the Committee by Round 4 with the reasons. Any forfeits in the first 4 rounds does not qualify players, unless a letter has been submitted to the Tournament Committee.

7.   TO QUALIFY FOR THE SEMI-FINAL SERIES YOU MUST HAVE SIGNED-ON YOURSELF AND PLAYED 6 GAMES. Bye rounds do not count. Forfeits against your team do count. Players whom are injured during the season can inform a Tournament Committee Member each week and sign on themselves as an ‘attending injured player’.

8.    All teams who are graded down divisions in the first 7 weeks, are not permitted to register new players without approval from the Tournament Committee in writing. (Refer to above Semi-Final Rules 4,6,7 above).

9.   Teams divisional changes maybe made up to and including week 8.  Division groups containing 2 Divisions  (Mixed and Men's  Women's ) will be assessed by the committee and have their teams Semi Final groups decided at the completion of 14 rounds. Teams who have not competed OR completed all rounds OR have Forfeited games will have their final points table position reviewed.  

10.   Teams forfeiting games without one (1) full days prior notice will be fined $50, payable before the following weeks game. The $50 will be given to the opposing team. Any team who forfeit more than two (2) games cannot take part in the Semi-Final series. (Unless forfeit is due to extremely bad weather and the team has chosen not to play. They must have 5 players in attendance to sign-on. All forfeits are recorded as a 9-0 loss.                                              

11.   REFEREES: All permanent Team Referees will receive an officially sponsored labelled shirt and           payment reimbursement to Team Referees will be made. (Does not include Duty Refereeing).         

12.   Each team who attends meeting on 28th March 2018 will be supplied their own Touch ball Free.   (Extra Touch balls are available for $20).

13.    Any player sent from the field of play for the remainder of the game receives an automatic 2 weeks /2 games suspension from the Competition effective immediately in either the Mixed, Ladies or  Men's.

14.   Duty Teams All teams maybe contacted by the Referees’ Controller to supply 2 persons to referee if necessary during the season.

15.      Competition Points:                          Win              3 Points                              Loss               1 Point

                                                                          Draw            2 Points                              Forfeit           0 Point

16.    Final Standings: In the event of teams finishing on equal points (4 Semi- Finalists) their position will be calculated by the ‘Difference Method’ that is subtracting the touchdowns “Against” from the touchdowns “For”. The team with Higher Positive difference will have the advantage. If the teams are     still equal then the “Percentage method” will be used ie “For” divided by “Against” (eg 10 - 20 = 5.0%). The higher the percentage goes through or best results during rounds against each other. There are no play-offs.

17.     Semi-Finals and Finals will be decided by final table standings with all sections/divisions being decided by the “Drop Off Procedure”. All Semi-Final teams will be advised prior to the Final series. (Refer to “Drop Off Procedure” Rules which are available on request).

18.   Wet Weather: All games will be played, unless extremely bad conditions have occurred. No decision will be made until 7.15am on the day. If games are cancelled proceed to games set down on draw for following weeks round.                                  


            Mobile phone no. at park Mon. Tue. & Thu. - John Ryan   0419 206 109 (Not wet weather). 

19.Uniform:   All team members must have by round (1) the same colour and designed T-Shirts with numbers (no fluro yellow colour T - Shirts). Touch footwear must be worn as there is NO insurance responsibility for any accidents related to persons not wearing Touch Shoes.

No Touch Down Scores will be recorded on Referees’ Score Cards unless the player has the correct shirt with number (from Round 1)

20. Rules: All sections of the competition will follow the rules of the N.S.W.T. Inc. and A.T.A. Inc. and their codes of conduct.

21.The winning teams of the last time slot are requested to collect field markers and return to the referee.

22. All teams entry fees are not refundable after your team has been included on printed competition draws or  team appears on  Eastern Suburbs Touch website.

23.      It is the responsibility of the team contact/captain/manager to ensure that all their players are fully aware of these rules and regulations (1-23) as laid down by the Eastern Suburbs Touch Association Inc.



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