Become a Scoretable Official

Basketball requires officials of varying skills and without these people involved we wouldnt see such things as live scores and statistics taken in many of our organised competitions. Whilst we all have a general idea of how scoring works, it can be quite overwhelming if it's your first time having to fill in a scoresheet or to operate a 24 second shot clock.

In Queensland we are fortunate to have QUEST which stands for QUEensland Score Table, who run courses as well as assist with provision of information with regard to changes in the officiating of a score table.

All scoretable officials are required to be registered with Brisbane Basketball Inc it is totally free and takes less than two minutes to do click here to register.

Brisbane Basketball Scoretable Educators & Evaluators

Helen Burger

Kerry Carroll

Mark Casey

Noela Hanks

Trish Hayes

Tony Lister

Geoff Luke

Gabriella Smareglia

Jan West

For Scoretable Enquiries contact Brisbane Basketball