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Michelle Graham - Administrator
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0437 608 491
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3/6 Morton Close Tuggerah NSW 2259


The Country Rugby League Hunter Valley Combined Competition incorporates teams from Newcastle, Maitland and Group 21 into our Competitions.

The HVJRL commenced in 1999 providing Junior International rugby league competitions from Under 13s to 17s age groups, since inception the competition was administereb by the Newcastle Rugby League until it was gifted to the Country Rugby League in October 2015. 

Our Aim -

  • To deliver quality and ensure sustainable competitions to the 13-17 year age groups.

  • To create a comfortable avenue for our people to put forward their views and have them heard.

  • Make it easy for our people to do business with us.

  • Develop a positive relationship with our people.

  • Be flexible in meeting the needs of our people.

  • Always seek to exceed our people's expectations.

2016 saw the introduction of the Hybrid competition in the lowest of each age division allowing clubs with lesser playing numbers the opportunity to compete on an equal plaing field an option that had not been available in previous years, many teams may have been withdrawn or lost prior and during the  season without this introduction.

Player movement awareness campaign was conducted across local Junior leagues highlighting the impact of "Super Teams" and the "Wina t All Cost" attitude our aim is to create an environment amongst clubs resulting in self regulation of the system.

Compliance was recognised across the game as an area needing further attention and acknowledged as an added pressure and heavy work load on the club volunteer, an area with the help of the State league we hope to obtain assistance for in the future.

Communication showed a positive improvement with in excess of 1700 followers on Social Media sites we endeavour to aim for the 2000+ as the next milestone.



In September 2016 Michelle Graham was appointed in the position of administrator Michelle will be supported by a Competition Committee comprising of members from each of the areas involved in our competition.

The makeup of the CRL HVCC Committee for 2017 is:

Keith Onslow - Manager Newcastle and Central Coast Regional Rugby Laegue.

Michelle Graham - CRL Hunter Valley Combined Competitions Administrator.

Representative - Group 21 Junior Rugby League.

Representative - Maitland and District Junior Rugby League.

Representative - Newcastle Junior Rugby League Association.



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