Individual All Time Scoring Records

Top single scoring round* (updated 31st October 2017)


  1. Sam Hyman UNSW Gold 77 (13th March 2017)
  2. Rhiaan Te Hira Throwback Cheetahs 58 (10th June 2015)
  3. William Hickey 55 (16th October 2017)
  4. Jaden Weldon Scots 54 (23rd May 2016)
  5. Sam Hyman UNSW Gold 53 (9th Nov 2015) & Erik Dorbek Maccabi Lakers 53 (25th May 2015)
  6. Bree Delaney Throwback Cheetahs 52 (round 3 season 2014-3) & Adrian Cabrera 52 (30th October 2017)
  7. Shane Heal Throwback Cheetahs Blue 51 (22nd May 2017) & Sam Hyman UNSW Gold 51 (Round 8 2017-2 season)
  8. Sam Hyman UNSW Gold 50 (29th June 2015) 


*The following data has been collected since the introduction of Stadium Scoring in 2014.

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