The City of Sydney Basketball Association is a non for profit community organisation focused on developing the game of basketball in the area. Players are drawn from a wide geographical area from the eastern and south eastern suburbs, inner city and the inner west. 

Although located in a working class and industrial area of Sydney, Alexandria Stadium has always drawn from all socio-economic groups within the City. 

The Association attracts significant numbers of basketballers, both competitive and recreational as well as using basketball as a vehicle to provide and facilitate community development goals. 

The Association has over 4,000 people visit the stadium each week with a growing membership base of approximately 2,500. The stadium holds two courts with a seating capacity on the main court for over 600 

The Alexandria basketball stadium is home to the Sydney Comets who are a representation of selected players, coaches and officials in a thriving local competition. The Sydney Comets representative program competes in various competitions which are run by Basketball New South Wales. 

Our basketball stadium is the first stadium to be built in the area and we will celebrate our 50 year anniversary in 2018.


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