Officials Advisory Committee

The City of Sydney Basketball Association is proud to announce the formation of our new Officials Advisory Committee. This committee will focus on all aspects and jobs within the association regarding referees, statisticians and bench personnel to help CSBA on a quest for continual improvement.

The Officials Advisory Committee also enables us to plan for the future with the construction of the new basketball facility next door, the CSBA will need to cater for the communities expansion from this, therefore will need an increase in numbers for officials. We also plan to introduce a new database management and a national database later on this year. The following are the members of the Officials Advisory Committee:

Nicolas Fernandes

Originally from France, a current Sydney Comets official since 2014, Nico has excelled in his career becoming an official for SEABL, WNBL, NBL and also qualifying as a FIBA referee. 

Braden Dorry

A Sydney Comets official for 10 years, Braden has earned many great achievements throughout his career such as becoming apart of the SEABL panel, participating in the National Championship gold medal matches for the 14 Boys, 16 Boys, 18 Boys and 20 Girls whilst also being appointed to Molten Waratah League finals 6 years in a row. Braden was recently named to NRDP (National Referee Development Panel) for the WNBL.





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