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Prices are set at:

Senior (18 +) - $145

Under 14, 16 & 18 - $110

Under 10 & 12 - $85


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From here,

1. To register simply click “forgot password” you will then be prompted to fill in some identification details* the database will then search for your registration details. If the database can not find your name you will be prompted to click “new user.**” It is important to remember that you need to click “forgot password” first in order for the database to do a complete search for your registration details and to avoid duplicate entries. 


*If registering for your child please input your child's identification details.

 ** New user = someone who has never registered with BNSW before

Current user = someone who has already created their online account

Forgot password = someone who is registered with BNSW but not created their online account


2. You will then be asked to create a secret question and answer and from here you will receive an email with login and password information.


3. Once logged in follow the prompts.


4. Please make sure you complete the transaction all the way to the very end by clicking "submit/approve transaction" 











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29th October-8th November Junior Representative Trials

13th November-24th November 2018-1 Junior team nominations

20th November-1st December 2018-1 Senior team nominations

1st-2nd December Junior local competition semi finals

6th December Annual General Meeting

8th-9th December Junior local competition Grand Finals








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