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13th Metro Grading Group 1FixturesResultsStandings
13th Metro Grading Group 2FixturesResultsStandings
13th Metro Grading Group 3FixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 4 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Northland 13th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Northland 13th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
14th Grade MetroFixturesResultsStandings
14th Grade ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
HW 14th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 14th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 14th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
15th Grade MetroFixturesResultsStandings
15th Grade ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
HW 15th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 15th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Northland 15th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Northland 15th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
16th Grade Metro/ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
17th Grade MetroFixturesResultsStandings
17th Grade ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
HW 17th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 17th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Northland 17th Div 1 ChampionshipFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF 19th Saturday AFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF 19th Sunday AFixturesResultsStandings
Chinese League Open DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
Chinese League O40s DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
Far North 12th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Far North 10th Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Premier 16th GradeFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Girls 17th Divs 1 & 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Premier 14th GradeFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Girls Only 14th ChampionshipFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 13th PremierFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Girls 13th GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Only 11th Black Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Only 11th Blue Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Only 12th GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 10th Div Orange GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 10th Div Purple GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Only 09th GradingFixturesResultsStandings
ISP Handa CHATHAM CUPFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's Federation One Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's Reserves Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's Second Division Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's Combined Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's Challenge Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's Divisional Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Masters Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Masters Combined Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Masters Legends Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Masters Veterans Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 1st Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 2nd Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 3rd Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 4th Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 5th Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 6th/7th Divs GRADING GROUP AFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 6th/7th Divs GRADING GROUP BFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 6th Division (CHAMPIONSHIP) 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 7th Division (CHAMPIONSHIP) 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 1st/2nd Grading Group AFixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 1st/2nd Grading Group BFixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 3rd Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 4th Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 5th Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF O45s 1st Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Joma Men's Northern Pre-Season TournamentFixturesResultsStandings
Joma Men's Federation Pre-Season TournamentFixturesResultsStandings
Northland Premier Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Northland 1st Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Northland 2nd Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Northland 3rd Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 4 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 5 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 6 Grading FixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 4 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 5 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 6 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th All Whites Div A GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Brazil Div A GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Harbour B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Mairangi Div B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Onepoto Div C GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Wairau Div C GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Anawhata Div B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Bethells Div C GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Hauraki Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Hokianga Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Kaipara Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Kawau Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Manukau Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Matangi Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Karekare Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Motuihe Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Northland Community Cups 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Northland Secondary Schools GIRLS Div 1FixturesResultsStandings
Northland Secondary Schools GIRLS Div 2 NORTHFixturesResultsStandings
Northland Secondary Schools GIRLS Div 2 SOUTHFixturesResultsStandings
Northland Secondary Schools PremierFixturesResultsStandings
Northland Secondary Schools Div 1 SOUTHFixturesResultsStandings
Northland Secondary Schools Div 1 NORTHFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 12th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 12th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 11th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 11th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 10th Div A GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 10th Div B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 09th Italy Grading Group AFixturesResultsStandings
Whangarei 09th Portugal Grading Group BFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's Combined Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's Federation One Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's Second Division Cup 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NZF Women's Knockout CupFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Women's Conference 2017FixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Women's Conference Reserves 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's 2nd Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's 3rd Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Joma Women's Premier Pre-Season TournamentFixturesResultsStandings
Joma Women's Federation Pre-Season TournamentFixturesResultsStandings
NFF WOMEN'S FRIENDLIES 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Northland Women's Premier Division 2017FixturesResultsStandings
Western Jnr Framework 6th Grade Group AFixturesResultsStandings
Western Jnr Framework 6th Grade Group BFixturesResultsStandings
Western Jnr Framework 7th Group AFixturesResultsStandings
Western Jnr Framework 7th Group BFixturesResultsStandings
Western Jnr Framework 8th Group AFixturesResultsStandings
Western Jnr Framework 8th Group BFixturesResultsStandings