Club Basketball Overview

Canterbury Club Basketball

Canterbury Basketball is one of the few Associations that have a comprehensive Club Basketball programme. Competitions are divided into Winter Club (Saturdays/Sundays), where teams must be a part of an actual club to enter, and a Midweek competition which are Team based and may or may not belong to a club.

A club must have feeder teams to be eligible to participate in the Premier competitions. Clubs are becoming more geographically based and beginning to link with our Junior clubs around the city.

Secondary Schools can also be a club and fit into the schoolclub category again having to have younger teams to be eligible. Most top schools play in the U23 grade or the U20 grade and will have U17 teams to feed these.

To get information on our main Senior Clubs click on the Senior Club tab and the individual club webpage links. Most clubs have team and contact detials listed here.

To get information about Junior Clubs click on the Junior Club Link

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