US College Players

Here is a list of known Canterbury players that have played College Basketball in the USA. Let us know if there is anyone we have missed or if this list is incorrect in any way.

Name College Years
James Holland Southern Alabama 2011-2012
Ethan Rusbatch Lincoln Trail College  2010-2011
Erin Rooney Monmouth/Fordham University 2009-2013
Ben Constable Gettysburg 2010-2013
Richie Edwards Hillsborough CC, Valpariso, Arizona State 2009-2013
Mandy Caldwell Florida Southern 2007-2009
Adrian Taylor Saginaw Valley State  2007-2008
Gerard Bowden Savanah College of Art & Design 2003-06
Mike Kerena South Plains/Wright State 2012-Now
Jordan Duggan    
Bede Marsters    
Sam Dobbs Jackson State Community College 2009-2010
Courtney Hamblin Dakota State 2010-13
Luke Ruscoe Brown U 2002-2006
Tessa Boagni Cal State Northridge 2014
Melissa Harrison Lambuth University 2007?
Donna Lavea Lambuth University 2007?
Ashlee Rigter Idaho State 2009-2010
Zacc Dwan Dickinson College 2014

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Men's Premier Champions: Pioneer

Women's Premier Champions: North Canterbury

Men's U23 Champions: Lincoln University Bulls

Women's Division 1 Champions: Halswell Red

McDonald's Thompson Trophy Champions: Cashmere High School

McDonald's Whelan Trophy Champions: Rangi Ruru Girls' School

Men's Division 1 Champions: Atami Casa de Banos

Men's U20 Champions: Burnside-Checkers

Women's U23 Champions: Lincoln University

Boys' U17 Champions: Cashmere Gold

Girl's U17 Champions: Wharenui Gators White

Boys' U15 Champions: Shirley Boys' High School Spartans

Men's Midweek: Atami

Women's Midweek: Pioneer Blue

Boys' Yr 7-8 All Stars: Pioneer Pacers

Girls' Yr 7-8 All Stars: Bishopdale YMCA

Boys' Yr 5-6 All Stars: Bishopdale YMCA

Girls' Yr 5-6 All Stars: Bishopdale YMCA