Entry Forms/Dates/Info

We have just sent out all of the Club Entry Packs (28 February 2017). See the files here:

  • The 2017 CBA Match Rules
  • Winter Club Competition Timelines and Dates of Note
  • Club Entry Summary Form
  • Entry Fees PDF
  • Court Hire Estimate 
  • CBA Weeks Of Play PDF – We should have the last few potential issues ironed out shortly (potential national tournament at Cowles, but date TBD, and completion date for Celebration Lions facility), however I do not foresee any changes that will need to be made to these dates. Each grade will only play on the dates listed with a umber (usually 1-18), and not be scheduled for any games in the weeks without.
  • Mouthguard order form – If you wish to order mouthguards through us, please complete the form and allow the 7 business day turnaround.
  • Unfinancial Player Form – we are continuing the 2016 system which assumes players may transfer, unless he/she is specifically listed. Please send me a list of any club members who have debts with your club before 9am Friday 21 April, otherwise we will assume every player is free to transfer.
  • CBA code of conduct – same as 2015 (barring address change). Signing the club entry summary form signifies agreement to this.


A Reminder about a few questions people have had in the past:

  • U20 grades and above needs to be entered as a club (High School competitions –  the Thompson Trophy and Whelan Trophy – are specifically for school entries so this does not apply).
  • U17 and below can be entered by a school
  • Midweek teams can still be entered as one-off teams if they wish (though a club connection is desired)

Our rationale behind this rule is to help promote pathways for players leaving school to continue playing, while also helping clubs become more sustainable long term.


For 2017, we are enacting two special allowances:

  • WU23 players may play Women’s Division One OR Premier in addition to U23, as long as both teams played for are in the same club.
  • Men’s Division One players may also play Midweek (and vice versa) without restriction (may enter their entire team in both competitions if they wish). 

We are anticipating that these two allowances will help increase entry and interest in some of our grades. If you wish to see our Update on Winter Club Basketball, this is still on our website, and available by clicking here