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Footyweb is made up of a number of components. As far as clubs are concerned there are two main areas that they need to become familiar with:

Club Websites are self-editing websites that allow clubs to produce high quality websites without the need to learn HTML. These websites have a variety of section types and configuration options. Additionally all of the result, fixtures, ladders and statistics relevant to a club that are administered by their league are accessible via these websites.

Membership is an online member database that synchronizes with your leagues competition and membership management system. All registrations and clearances can be done via this system. This system also integrates with results, fixtures, ladders and stats that are managed by the league.

Click on the 'Membership Login' option on the top menu to access the membership area.

Editing a Footyweb Club Website:

  1. Click on clubs and select the club which you would like to edit or have been assigned.
  2. Click on the small 'website editor' button found at the bottom left of the page.
  3. Enter for email address (Username) and temp1 for password to login.
  4. Choose from the list of buttons according to the action you want to perform
NB: It must be stressed that this training system, including these club websites,may be accessed by a number of users concurrently (both in this session and others) and as a consequence some data that you enter may be changed or removed by others.