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Use of macros?

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11:15 PM, Sun May 17 2009
Use of macros?
I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to produce a macro for use in FIBA Organizer (or through firebird itself) to assist me in repetitive tasks. For example, I would like to remove a large number of members from a particular season (they were erroneously placed in this season). I believe this is something that can only be done member by member which is not practical. Although this is one specific case, macros may be useful in other areas.
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11:43 PM, Sun May 17 2009
RE: Use of macros?
Some people have used macro-like programs for things like mass data entry, however generally speaking they are seldom used (that i'm aware of) as in many cases there are easier or safer ways to do whatever it is you want to do. That's not to say they they are not useful, just not commonly used.

In the case of removing a large number of members from a particular season, you would need to first be able to isolate which members you wish to remove by a common data characteristics (ie mebers from a certain club, date of birth range, members not registered to a game in that season, etc etc).
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11:47 PM, Sun May 17 2009
RE: RE: Use of macros?
I think we would be willing to remove all of them and then add the ones we want into that season. (I think you can do this implicitly by rebuilding each of the members statistics for the competitions in this season - provided the new register season and/or current season is the season we want. This is the way we accidentally put every member into the current season by rebuilding all member statistics)
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