The following Frequently Asked Questions only apply to Knox City Council netball competitions. Netball competitions that are played weeknights and on Saturday's are organised by Mountain District Netball Association (MDNA). Please visit their website at http://www.mountaindistrictnetball.org.au for fixtures, ladders and other information.

Fixtures, Results and Ladders

How do we find out when our team is playing?
During the first few weeks of a new season we have grading matches, so game times are only given out one week at a time. Once grading is complete, fixtures are made up for the whole season. Teams will be given a copy of the fixture and they can also be viewed on this website in our Fixtures and Results or you can contact us to check your game time.

What does 'Home Team' or 'Away Team' mean?
We create fixtures that use a Home and Away system. If your team is the Home Team for the round, your team is responsible for organising someone to score (over 14 years), a netball, and collecting and returning the scoresheet to the Supervisors.

Why are we the 'Home Team' again for the 2nd or 3rd week in a row?
This can sometimes happen during grading matches at the start of a new season when we move a team from one section to another, or if your team starts late in the season. When grading is finished, we count the number of home and away games before issuing fixtures. Eventually the number of Home games will balance out for the rest of the season and, in fact, your team may not have to score for 2 or 3 weeks!

Why aren't the Fixtures or Ladders online yet?
Fixtures and ladders will only be available online after grading matches are finished and a fixture for the rest of the season is completed. During the first few weeks of grading, we will let teams know what time they are playing from week-to-week. If you forget what time your team is playing, please contact us to find out.

When do the Ladders get updated after our game?
Match results and ladders are usually updated on a Monday, Friday, or Sunday night after your games have played (except on Public Holidays). If they haven't been updated recently, please contact us so we can follow up any problems with our website.

What do the numbers on the Ladders mean?
The ladders published online do not currently show all of the column headings. There are 12 columns which are as follows:

  1. Pos - Current position on the ladder
  2. Team Name
  3. Total Games Played
  4. Wins
  5. Losses
  6. Drawn Games
  7. Byes
  8. Forfeits
  9. Goals For: Total goals scored
  10. Goals Against: Total goals scored by opposing teams
  11. Goaling Percentage: (Goals For / Goals Against) * 100
  12. Premiership Points: Win or Bye = 4 points. Draw = 2 points. Forfeit = Lose 4 points.