Coaches 2017/18



The DVBA are pleased to announce our Junior Eagles Coaching Lineup for 2017/18.


The line up of quality coaches and people for the 2017 / 2018 season is one of the best on record for our junior representative program.


National Championship winning head coach Rob Coulter, WNBL Assistant Coach Mark Alabakov, Vic Metro Assistant coach Jack Fleming, National Championship assistant coaches Simon Hickey & Jacqui O’Neil, former SEABL players Marcus Todd & Dean Plummer and Ex SEABL Head Coach Paul Hallet makes for an exciting time at our club as we continue to build on providing our players with the best possible coaching.


The development of some of our younger female players who have stepped into an Assistant Coaches role has been exciting and rewarding at the same time. With Anthony Allen, Tony Hopkins, Rob Coulter, Nathan Batchelor and Deb Keogh in our U12 program is very exciting for the club. 



U12/1 - Nathan Batchelor/Jake Mutimer (AC)/ Erin Milton (AC)

U12/2 - Debbie Keogh

U12/3 - James Kaflakakis

U12/4 - Callan Sandford

U12/5 - Kim McAughtry

U12/6 - Maddie Chapman


U14/1 - Jacqui O'Neill/Andrew Harris (AC)

U14/2 - Bruce Robinson

U14/3 - Nick Galea

U14/4 - Damien Brown

U14/5 - Bryce Stimpson

U14/6 - Leonie Wardley


U16/1 - Simon Hickey/Craig Pattison (AC)

U16/2 - Meg Crupi/Paris Joanidis (AC)

U16/3 - Russell Boyle

U16/4 - Ned Grubisic

U16/5 - Sonia Cuthbert


U18/1 - Rob Baldwin

U18/2 - Gel Coter

U18/3 - Brett Poulton/Keiran Poulton (AC)


U20/1 - Rob Mason/ Brendan Jackson (AC)








U12/1 - Anthony Allen

U12/2 - Mark Girolami/Adam Nolan (AC)

U12/3 - Rob Coulter

U12/4 - Anthony Hopkins

U12/5 - Callum Grant

U12/6 - Tom Boek/Mark Scherf (AC)


U14/1 - Daniel Girolami

U14/2 - Joel Norton

U14/3 - Michael Goulimis

U14/4 - Daniel Melli

U14/5 - David Jamieson

U14/6 - Liam Newton


U16/1 - Jack Fleming/Marcus Todd (AC)

U16/2 - Dean Plummer

U16/3 - Paul Hallett

U16/4 - Damien Clarke

U16/5 - Adrian Carfora

U16/6 - Ross Moll


U18/1 - Henry Kuo 

U18/2 - Matthew Stewart

U18/3 - Andrew Polifiore

U18/4 - Greg Edwards


U20/1 - Mathew Whyte/Braden Cotter (AC)