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Trial date and timeslots for 2017/2018 Reps

Sunday 22nd October

Berkeley Vale Oval

10 Boys and Girls 9.30-11am

12 Boys and Girls 11am-12.30pm

14 Boys and Girls 12.30-2pm

16 and 18 Boys and Girls 2-3.30pmmore

2013/14 Rep Teams

All Boys & Girls rep teams have now been finalised and announced. Click on more to find out who.more

2012/13 rep teams

Thank you to all those players who trialled, unfortunately not all players are able to be selected and the standard of players was extremely high. To those players who were selected, you need to see your coach at touch on Wednesday to receive your letter with all the relevant information for the representative season. We will be holding a rep gear fittings night on Wednesday 7th November after each rep team has played there game. This will be held in the club house.
We hope you all enjoy being a part of the 2008, 09, 10, 11 & 12 PWM Club Champions and have a great experience in representing the mighty PANTHERS.
Click on 'MORE' to download the selected teammore

2012/13 rep coaches

It is with great pleasure to announce the following coaching staff for their respective age groups for the up coming rep season.
10 Boys - Tim Sherab (C), John Strange (A/C), Pieta Davies (M)
12 Boys - Tanya Hayes (C), Glenn Butcher (A/C), Murray Taylor (M)
14 Boys - Rod Dillon (C), Jodi Dillon (A/C), Karen Booth (M)
16 Boys - Gary Edwards (C), Jake Edwards (A/C), Rob Pearson (M)
18 Boys - Shayne Hayne (interim C), Dave Bailey (A/C), Gary Sheppard (M)
10 Girls - Tony Nathan (C), Matt Apps (A/C), Kelly Martin (M)
12 Girls - Mick Praszczalek (C), Luke Kay (A/C), Ann Jacobs (M)
14 Girls - Matt Sawyer (C), Harley Donoghue, (A/C) Shanie Singleton (M)
16 Girls - Brooke Playford (C), Amy Regal (A/C), Debbie Pearsall (M)
18 Girls - Edith Nathan (C), Mim Knight (A/C), Claire Reed (M)

We still require a coach for the 18 Boys.

All coaches are required to find an assistant coach and a manger. These names must be sent to the Touch Operations Manger to be approved.more

2011/12 rep teams & gear order sheet & sizes

All Teams are now finalised.

To see the list of all teams and gear sizes etc click more.


BVJT Rep teams 2011

Congratulations to all players on being selected in the Berkeley Vale Junior rep sides for 2010/11 to compete in the Central Coast Championships @ Berkekley Vale Oval 12th December 2010, Peter Wilson Memorial @ Nelson Bay 5th & 6th February 2011 and NSW Junior State Cup @ Wollongong 19th & 20th February 2011. Make sure you have paid your $50 deposit to your coach asap.more

BVJT Rep teams 2010

Congratulations to all players on being selected in the Berkeley Vale Junior rep sides for 2009/10 to compete in the Central Coast Championships, Peter Wilson memorial and NSW Junior State Cup.more

BVJT Rep Teams 2009

Congratulations to all players on being selected in the Berkeley Vale Junior rep sides for 2009 to compete in the Peter Wilson memorial and State Cup.more


Junior Rep Teams 2008


Junior Rep Teams 2007

Here is the list of all teams with their coaches and sponsors.more

Berkeley Vale Junior State Cup Teams 2006

The Berkeley Vale Junior State Cup teams have been picked and are listed in the following age groups 10, 12, 14, 16 Boys and 14 Girls. After a great rollup of players we thank all those who turned up and missed out which makes our teams very strong.more
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