Presidents Message

On behalf of the Committee I hope the changes we have put in place this year will provide an enjoyable season where we will all benefit, progress and make new friends.

I would like to thank the ‘New BVT Committee’ for the effort they have put in to get to this stage. As we know in life – “If somebody doesn’t do something. You won’t get anywhere”! Well, this Committee are doing it, and we are getting somewhere! They are to be congratulated and I hope you will all acknowledge them. When you see them on the fields please give them a pat on the back and say well done.

Remember this is YOUR Club. Berkeley Vale I believe has always been YOUR Club – A Family Club. We must support and help it, to keep it growing for your children to achieve in and enjoy.

A big Thank you goes to all our Sponsors. I would like to acknowledge them ‘New and Old’. They are local businesses supporting our kids. It’s hard to do what we want to do at BVT without their support. Please support them by using them.


Graham Meally

Operations Manager

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