Rules and Policies

WPACT Constitution

The Constitution is the governance framework for WPACT and guides the procedures for developing, implementing and reviewing WPACT policies. The Constitution is based on the the Incorporated Associations Regulations 1991 (ACT) and seeks to align with the governance framework of Water Polo Australia.

WPACT is committed to good governance and implementing effective structures to improve performance, accountability and protection for members and the sport. As part of this commitment, WPACT is currently reviewing the constitution. Proposed amendments will be presented at the next Annual General Meeting on Sunday 13 September 2015 for consideration by WPACT members.

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Code of Conduct

WPACT is commited to providing a positive, safe and supportive environment for all persons associated with it.

The Code of Conduct establishes behaviour guidelines that apply equally to members of the community including players, coaches, managers, officials and spectators. We encourage all individuals engaged with water polo in the ACT to familiarise themselves with the Code.

This Code of Conduct is to be used in conjunction with Water Polo Australia’s Member Protection Policy.

If you have a comment or question about the Code, please email the WPACT Board at

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Member Protection Guidelines

These guidelines have been devevoped to assist you in working out who to contact and how if you need information, advice, to make a complaint or to raise a concern in relation to inappropriate behaviour in sport (such as harassment, discrimination or abuse). 

These complement the Water Polo Australia Member Protection Policy.

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The Judiciary

This document details the WPACT judicial procedures.

All referees must make sure that they understand the procedure for dealing with relevant incidents.

Players must familiarise themselves with the penalties for misconduct.

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Play By The Rules

Play By The Rules is an initiative aimed at ensuring that anyone involved in sport do so in an enjoyable, safe environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Vist the Play By The Rules website at, or see the info sheet below.

A Play By The Rules Complaints flowchart is also below.

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Competition Committee - Terms of Reference

These terms of reference form the framework of how the competition committee operates. They are based on the terms of reference of similar committees in water polo and other sporting organisations such as basketball and softball.

They need to be reviewed regularly.

Decisions of the committee normally need to be ratified by the ACT Board but some decisions can be delegated to the committee in writing.

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Competition manual

Details of how to run and organise a competition. These procedures are to be followed by the Competition Committee and the clubs. Please make sure you understand what is required.. feedback, questions, should be submitted to the Competition Committee. 

NOTE: This manual is a working document and DOES NOT supercede any policy or rule documents that may otherwise appear on this website such as the Judiciary Rules and Competition Rules.

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