Competition rules and documents

WPACT Competition Policy

Read the WPACT water polo competition policy here. You'll find information on rules, equipment, administration, referees, player eligibility, codes of behaviour, penalties and fines. Email the WPACT Board for more information at

FINA competition rules

WPACT competitions are played under FINA rules. Download the FINA competition rules for 2015-17 and the official explanation and interpretation here.

Competition score sheet

Download the water polo competition score sheet here.

Referee's report card

Download the referee's report card here [for referees only].

A guide to table duty

A quick guide to the roles and responsibilities for table duty. If you've been 'volunteered' for table duty, have a read of this document for the bare essentials. Then again, if you're not crash hot, maybe you won't be asked to do it again?

Manager responsibilities

The manager plays a critical component in the organisation and preparation of the team. They are responsible for the administrative side to competition. Without their contribution, coaches and players will be overwhelmed by these administrative tasks, reducing their focus and effectiveness in coaching and competing. Managers don't need to understand the game of water polo, but it can't hurt right?

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