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Module 1 - Strategic Planning - September 2008

Auvita Wins Award

Lufilufi Rassmussen - Jean-Loup Chappelet and Auvita Rapilla
September 26th 5:00pm
Olympic Museum, Lausanne Switzerland

At the MEMOS IX presentations today held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Auvita Rapilla, the Deputy Secretary General of the PNGNOC was awarded the inaugural Alberto Madella Award for the best MEMOS Project in MEMOS XI.

This is an outstanding achievement for Auvita whose Project worked towards the establishment of a Self Assessment Tool for determining the stage of development of National Sports Associations in PNG.

Lufilufi Rassmussen of Samoa overcame much adversity to complete her MEMOS project in fine style and also graduated today along with 27 other MEMOS Students from all over the world.

This is a first for the world and a first for Oceania in sport.

WELL DONE Au!! Well Done Lufi! more

Conflict of Interest - Joan Duncan

A very interesting conclusion to four days of Strategic Management for sport organisations.

Conflict of Interest is:

Any situation in which a volunteer or staff member is influenced in an organisational decision by personal, financial, business or other concerns".

This can relate to interests of family members, close friends, business associates or any situation where it could be perceived the individual is in a conflict - Perception is Reality. more


Finally on the fourth Day we manage to organise ourselves for a Group photo. more

Corporate Performance Management

Marie Sallois
A brief overview of the IOC planning process by Marie Sallois, the IOC Planning Department. more

Identifying and Exploring Strategic Issues

Joan Duncan continues her lectures on Strategic Planning. Getting to the nitty gritty of the organisation now becomes essential if we are to be able to plan effectively. more

Discussion on Ethics

6 Groups presented their finding on a Value of the Olympic Movement.. more

Values and Ethics in Olympic Sports Organisations

Joan Duncan - Canada
The Values of an organisation are the underlying theme that in theory should drive the planning process.

The ONOC Values are:

The preparation and implementation of ONOC’s Sports Development Plan to the year 2008 is made according to the following overriding values:

Acknowledgment of the need to develop sport in accordance with the spirit of Olympism as prescribed by the International Olympic Committee.

Sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of all athletes, coaches, officials and administrators involved in sport.

Respect for the sovereignty of each member National Olympic Committee and the various International Sports Federations and Sports Development Agencies working to develop sport in the South Pacific Region.

Recognition of the need to cooperate with all agencies contributing to the development of sport in Oceania and direct resources in a coordinated and considered fashion.

Obligation to communicate effectively with all members of ONOC and non NOC’s in our region, as well as government and non-government agencies involved in the development of sport in Oceania.

Regular and fair evaluation of the ONOC Development Plan and its constituent strategies to ensure that they are indeed meeting the needs of the members. more

The Planning Process - Continued

La Salle De Coubertain
The afternoon of the second days sees us exploring more into the Strategic planning process... We then broke into our groups to conduct a SWOT Analysis. For this exercise we chose the Israel Tennis Association.

Our Presentation is attached. more

Strategic Management Tools

Jean - Loup Chappelet
The following lecture examines the common tools in strategic planning for sports organisations. more

A Presentation of the ONOC Plan

Group 6 in Action
Following the exhaustive lecture on Strategically Managing Olympic Sports Organisations by Professor Chappelet, were split into 6 groups and asked to take one of our organisations and identify its Vision Mission and Key Stakeholders.

Our group chose to work on the ONOC Plan and put together a presentation for the rest of the MEMOS group to analyse.

This is attached.

"Failing to Plan is planning to fail, therefore the Vision and the Mission become an important guideline to follow whilst planning for the organisation". more

Lecture 3 - Management in Sport

Jean-Loup Chappelet led this session on Management Theory for sport. This was a very heavy lecture that I will leave until tomorrow to summarise when it gels a bit more.

We split into work groups to examine our organisations's strategic Plans. The Vision and Mission will be presented tomorrow. more

Lecture 2 - Governance of Sport Organisations

Dock Palmer Takes us through the minefield of Governance.
The B.O.A.'s Dick Palmer is a well know sports administrator and educator. Mr Palmer took the class through a provocative and thought provoking lecture on the Governance of Sports Organisation an din particular where this Governance is evolving to cope with modern demands of sport.

The positioning of the Olympic Movement is under threat from a variety of sources but in particular their methods of Governance are in need of review and overhaul. The success of a sports organisation is usually related to its Management. more

Lecture 1 - The Actors of World Sport

Bob Elphinston Joins Discussion on Sports Management
This lecture by Jean-Loup Chappelet covered the structure and the relationship between the major stake holders in Olympic Sport. In particular the arrival of the new actors and the subsequent pressures they place on the traditional Olympic sport structure.

The Powerpoint presentation will be attached when it becomes available. more

Lausanne - September 21st - 29th 2008

Getting Ready
Module 1 will be lead by Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet from the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, assisted by Dick Palmer OBE and Joan Duncan of the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada. more

Arrived Shaken But Not Stirred

See You Lote.
Anyone who thinks travelling is a glamerous exercise should think again.

48 hours after leaving my family and beautiful baby boy and I arrive in Geneva minus my bag, lost in space. more

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