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The new Sportzware Central Website Version 6 has now been released with some exciting new features for everyone to play around with.

The attached document details the new features which compliment some of the old ones and significantly enhance the power and presentation through the new features.

The main additions include:

  • The adding of a Top Menu option which might enable you to clear space on the sides for more sponsor links or RSS feeds.
  • The addition of Sub Menus so that you can group similar sections together. All good for creating more space.
  • Drag and drop features in the Content Manager to enable you to more easily format and configure the look of your site. Once you get used to this feature you will go crazy but remembr to right click the section to activate it or else no-one can see it.
  • You can now run Forums and set up Blog topics for people to comment on. Great fun and you can also assign Moderators to monitor yor Forum and control any obnoxious Commentors by 'Banning Them'.
  • You can add a Polling Section to guage public feeling about particular issues on the Web Site.

Attached is the supplimentary Documentation or you can download the full Manual from the Administration Area of your Web Site.


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