About Oceaniasport

About OceaniaSport

OceaniaSport came about following the commencement of a successful partnership between Melbourne based I.T. Company, SportingPulse and the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC).

At the beginning of the 2001 – 2004 Olympic Quadrenniel, ONOC prioritised the need to establish a more effective communications network that would enable its member National Olympic Committees (NOC’s) and their respective member National Federations (NFs) to communicate more efficiently while establishing a virtual administrative platform that would enable sports people in the Pacific to build a working infrastructure for sports development.
This desire by ONOC resonated well with the grassroots sports networks that SportingPulse had already developed in the Australian sports system.
OceaniaSport was officially born during 2002 with the formation of Web sites for all NOC’s and NF’s throughout Oceania and the implementation of an online database that would form the basis an Online Games Management System that was rolled out in a working form for the 2003 South Pacific Games,
held in Suva, Fiji.
ONOC’s catch cry of the time, ‘Development Through Competition’ drove this development to include a system that could be used at any level for managing and conducting either single event or multisport competition. It was through these competitions that the online database became populated and for which expertise was developed in managing websites and databases for sport throughout the Region.
OceaniaSport remains a signpost to sport in Oceania, but it is much more than that. OceaniaSport is a work in progress which brings to the Pacific a real working tool for administering sport and with that, a medium for keeping records of all that happens in sport throughout the Region.
OceaniaSport is unique as it is not intended to be a mere signpost to sport organization through static web presence. It is a storage vault for information, a database that supports talent identification and sport
education, a communications tool that provides all people involved in sport with an opportunity to communicate more efficiently and effectively with each other and the rest of the world and most of all it is a working Games Management system that is recycled over and over to avoid the astronomical costs associated with setting up major sports events.
Through OceaniaSport you can find out what is happening in sport in our region at the very level that the activity takes place. As sports administrators embrace this technology more and more, many of the current problems facing sport will be a thing of the past.
Enjoy your journey through OceaniaSport…..

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