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May 2010

These stats do not include V3 Sites or sites outside of the SWc Web network for Oceaniasport.more

December 2009

Sorry for the long break in updating these statistics. Keeping Web Sites up to date can be a challenge but one well worth pursuing. For me it seems pursuing other people's web sites has predominated. Nevertheless the monthly traffic on Oceaniasport has more than doubled since January. Click on more to see the December Stats for the Oceaniasport Portal.more

January 2009

As always things quieten down over the Christmas period. Overall about 100,000 page impressions were received for the month of January with American Samoa Football still leading the way closely followed by FASANOC.

See more the the top 100 for January 2009.more

November 2008

Note these numbers now are genuine actually requests. No more BOTS????more

October 2008


February 2008 - Top Page Hits

Well February sees a bit of a change at the top and an overall increase in interest in our web sites.

Basketball and Athletics dominate the Regional Sport Web Sites although football which sits outside our system may be up there as well. Samoa and American Samoa Football have settled back into the pack after a heap of interest associated with Darren Cahilllast year and the South Pacific Games saw Google requests hit these sites very hard.

FASANOC remains on top of the NOC's although Nauru, Kiribati and Tonga appeared in the February top 100 for the first time.

South Pacific Gams Web sites continue to attract interest highlighting the need to promote more competitions in our Region.more

January 2008 - Top Page Hits

Oceaniasport continues to hold top billing in January 2008.
The top National Federation site remains Samoa Football in second place overall.
The Best Event Site remains the 2007 South Pacific Games, third overall.
OSFO is the most hit Program site with 15,006, 5th overall.
Oceania Basketball was the most hit Regional Sport Site 4th overall although Football may well be doing better as we do not have their stats.more

March 2007

FASANOC move to Number 2 for the Month of March.more

2007 - Top 40

There are over 1,000 web sites in Oceaniasport and Samoa Football was the 'Top Dog' for 2007.

Of all the Sportzware central Sites that includes all event sites and for the past 6 months the NOC sites in Oceaniasport, Samoa Football was the most popular site with 379,769 page requests.

This was closely followed by American Samoa Football and the SPG 2007 Football Site. The poularity of the 2 Samoa sites can be attributed to the masive popularity of football as an event at the SPG.

SPG 2007 Sports Sites all figured in the top 40 listing.

THe Baseball Confederation of Oceania was the top ranking Regional Sport Site (4) with 106,583 page requests.

Click on 'more' to view the complete list.

FASANOC was the top ranking NOC Web Site (11) with 66,922 page requestsmore

Welcome to your Monthly Top 40

In this Section, we will bring to your the monthly Top 40 Web Sites out of the 1000 plus web sites that are contained within Oceaniasport. The Monthly Top 40 will be listed based on thenumber of page requests made to your site over the period of 1 month.

Each month, a special feature on a web site will be carried so check it out.

For all Oceaniasport Users, if your site isn't showing here, go to your Site Stats Section and check your Page Requests against the Top 40.

See 'More' to check out the total stats for the last 12 months.more
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